Saturday Snoop With Chiara’s Atelier

I thought I would do a weekly update on some of my latest finds – from beauty to fashion bits and bobs and also interiors, because lets face it our homes are truly our sanctuaries. And also the only thing I am dressing up these days. I thought I would call it the Saturday snoop, because in a previous life I would go for a little snoop around the shops on the weekend. So I thought I would continue to keep old traditions alive and keep the snooping to a weekend.

I will be sharing things that I already own, or dupes of things or some fabulous discoveries I want to share with you all.


I have been living in this – this black jumper is so comfortable and goes with the lounge luxe look we have all been rocking. It hides the constant food baby.

This is my favourite top I have bought in a long time. It is so pretty and comfy. Perfect Zoom top!

Split Leggings. Some fancy leggings are a must now , because jeans are just not the vibe. So maximum comfort and fancy looks.


If you have been to nook of the internet you know I love a mushroom lamp, I have had mine for a while now and mine are vintage. Now finally there is one on the high-street that actually looks like the vintage beauties but a fraction of the price.

Now this is a bougie candle there is no two ways to go about it – but if there was ever a time to treat yourself tis is the season. I have the perfume version of this and it is a delicious. I would say that it smells like a sexy cherry and almond tart! If that was a thing!

We are all organising. I have been organising all the little nooks that I have been avoiding for YEARS! so why not make it fun.


I bought this cream finally and honestly I get the hype! It is a huge splurge and if you are thinking of treating yourself. So why not get the set and see which one is your favourite. Mine is the Rich Cream – I use it at night and it is a dream.

Sarah Chapman facial tool is the easiest facial tool to use. There is no need for fancy manoeuvres or crazy techniques. Just a little bit of elbow grease and this works like a charm! It really irons out my face and also boosts the collagen. Also if like me you grind your teeth – it really helps to relax your jaw too.

Ren Rose Body Oil – is bout oil to slather your body in! We all need that extra boost of hydration in the cold!


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