The Mulberry Alexa Is Back

Guess who’s back… back! Back again, Alexa’s back! Tell a friend! Can you tell I am excited about the reissue of the Alexa. I loved this bag so much and I still do from the time it was released. It was one of my first designer bags and it hold so many wonderful memories for me. It was around the time when I was finishing university and I got it as a graduation present. I am little biota a hoarder when it comes to my bags and especially ones with such sentimental value. I was just talking about this bag before it was re-released, I was so sad that this bag was not available anymore. This shape is juts perfection – I have a new vlog up and I do discuss it more there so do check that out for more details. But I thought I would share with you some preloved ones that you should jump on before the price goes up and some new ones too if you want to ask Santa for anything.

Was the Alexa a bag on your radar in 2009-2010? Let me know.

The Real McCoy :

The New :

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