The Best Nude Lip Products & The Best Dark Lip Products

Who doesn’t love a good lip product! But with all the new shopping restrictions finding that perfect lip shade can be a real pain. So there is nothing new in my beauty stash when it comes to lip products but these are all trusty old favourites that I want to share with you all. These are the products I use all the time, from my every day nude lip options to my go to vampy lip option. I thought I would run you through the products that are my fail safe options, that are the best products. That never let me down!

Here are my top picks for lip balms

We need to take care of the pout before we pop on any lip sticks or liners. Here are my 2 top picks and that I always have on hand.

One is affordable and a good hand bag staple and the other is a little bougie but a fabulous treatment to use on your make up free days and during your night time routine.

The Perfect Nude Combo

The must have lip liners to perfect the perfect nude pout!

I out line and slightly over line my top lip with Cork lip liner. This is a great chestnut brown colour to outline your lips and even contour your lips before popping on the next parts.

Then I fill in the outlined lips with Spice lip liner. Making sure it is all blended properly with no harsh lines. I smush my lips together (I do not know if that is an officially term but that is what I do) before topping it off with a good lipstick or gloss.

Now on to the gloss… Here is my top pick for the perfect glossy lips.

I absolutely love this gloss. It has a subtle hint of pigment that perfectly complements the Spice & Cork lip combo. It is not a sticky gloss of gloopy. It is so comfortable to wear and it also fades beautifully. Another amazing thing about it is the price point, it is super affordable.

Here are some of favourite nude lipsticks of all time

The Perfect Vampy Lip

I would still use the Cork lip liner to outline my lips. I think it is important to always line your lips to make sure that your lipstick does not bleed out and spread and moved all over your face. It also helps define your lip shape, otherwise a deep and dark colour can sometimes over shadow your lip shape, a strong lip looks amazing when it is beautifully defined.

This is my go to vampy lip product!

This is my go to product for the perfect vampy lip. It is a velvet finish which means that it has a little bit of shine that does dry down but it is not matte! It is not drying at all on the lips and you can reapply on top of an existing coat. It stays on all night and it is just the most perfect texture for a vampy lip! And this colour! It is just a vibe!

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