Products To Help With Breakouts Due To Masks / Get Rid of “Maskne”

The must have accessory of 2020 is the vibe we all need to be accepting. But this must have accessory is wreaking havoc on own skin. I do not know about you but my skin is the most imbalanced it has ever been, much like my emotions. I have done a little bit of skin care research and got myself good bunch of skincare that will help any of those spots that have appeared because of the faithful mask – wear a mask kids and stay safe!

So here are some of the products that I have been loving and I think you need too. Here is a little overview of my skin type, I have quite dry and dehydrated skin that is sensitive (like my soul) and is prone to hormonal break outs from time to time. With the mask there has been a few little bits of maskne too. So here are the life savers that we all need for our skin to ride this wave (see what I did there) of covid skin, because covid is not going to ruin my skin. Might have ruined a lot of other things but its not going to take my skin.

I did a Youtube video on all the products too so if you are not in the mood to read here is the video where I chat through my favourite products and tools that have been helping my skin.

First thing is if you are wearing reusable masks, throw it in the wash every time you wear them. Because all that breathing, make up or even skin care has been all over that so toss it in the wash .

Cleanse Your Skin

Then make sure to cleanse that skin properly. I have been the Cerave SA cleanser and it has been an absolute dream and life saver. It has got Salicylic Acid in it which is great for dealing with spots, it helps to stop the break outs. It also has hyaluronic acid in it too so it does not strip your skin and make it feel dry and tight, it keeps it hydrated and supple without disturbing your skins natural barrier.

Exfoliate Your Skin

This is essential to make sure that all the dead skin is really off your face. I am not a fan of a physical exfoliate, I like to use acids.

Lets start with one of my recent favourites which is the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Liquid Facial Resurfacer, this is a fabulous product. You pump it on to a cotton pad and using circular motions do it around your face avoiding the eye area. It has lactic acid, and a whole bunch of goodness’s that gets rid of dead skin and also helps with ageing skin and tightening pores too. It really does tighten and brighten the skin. Also any of these chemical products must be followed with SPF because of their harsher nature, because who wants to expose baby soft skin to the rays!

Then here are the pre soaked Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads, if you want glowy gorgeous skin this is what you need. Plus if you are lazy the pads have been prepped for you. These are not harsh at all and you can even use them everyday. If Katie Jane Hughes uses a products and raves about it – YOU NEED IT! It is a gentle skin perfecting exfoliator which has a special Tri-Enzyme technology in it and it leaves your face smooth and clean and ready for your skin care to on.

Good Genes by Sunday Riley is a cult product and for good reason. This Glycolic Acid Treatment is a serum that goes under all your skincare that works very hard to to clarify and brighten your skin. Glycolic Acid Treatment side of things really helps to declog the pores and minimises the congestion. The lactic acid acid in it exfoliates the skin and the prickly pear in it helps with irritation. This is a lifesaving and fabulous product and something I always recommend to friends not only for this issue but also to improve the elasticity of our skin (we are ageing you see). They say you can use it morning and evening, but I do like to use this in the night. Again, make sure that you are using SPF on your face again.

Omorovicza Silver Skin Saviour, is a mask I was recommended when my face was getting a little bumpy and irritated (like my love life in 2020). In all honesty I am not a mask wearer per say, I am a little lazy in that department but this mask really did help with my bumpy skin. I do try and use it once a week and I really enjoy it. It leaves my skin feeling clean, but not stripped and dry in anyway. It is helps with blemish prone skin and the colloidal silver has antibacterial properties that really helps with spot and lets face it was all love some anti-bag right now! Hottest product of 2020 kids! It also has niacinamide that helps with scarring and also has our good friends Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid that cleans out the skin. This magical potion reveals clearer, cleaner and smoother skin. Highly recommend it!

Products To Help With Scaring & Keep Spots At Bay

Now onto spots, when I feel them popping up I pop on the Glossier Super Pure, it is such a great product to help keep the spots away. I have sensitive skin and this product works like a treat. It has niacinamide which helps balance the skin and also helps with scaring. The Zinc in it also helps with spot prevention, but I have to say it is a little drying on my face. So I only use it where I need it and then do the rest of my skin care and it works a treat, and my skin feels fine afterwards.

Keep your Skin Moisturised

After using all these types of products I think it is super important to hydrate your skin and pamper her like the queen that she is. Here are my favourites and must haves

This serum I am obsessed with, it is a tall glass of water for your thirsty skin. I promise you, your skin will feel plump and juicy!

This moisturiser is just so gentle and does not irritate the skin and has such a calming affect on the skin.

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