Lavender Fields In London! || Live in the moment

2020 has been an interesting year but I have to say the one thing that it did spark within me was to look around to find things to do in the UK. As soon as we think of holiday time we think of planes and air ports and beaches, but this summer I have enjoyed going around places, and taking it all in. Something I would have gone and done in the south of France is go to a Lavender field, but I did it in LONDON! It was magical! To hop into my car and go see something like this, I had never been to a field like this and let me tell you it was pure bliss. But there should be a warning about bees but they did not upset anyone but just an FYI. It has taught me to enjoy the moment and to go out and about in your home town or country and explore outside your bubble. It does not have to be an activity! The magic of nature is just how calming and healing it all is for your spirit and mind! It also makes you stop and have a look around you and live in the moment. We all need to live our lives offline and off our phones a little more! We are all guilty of that! Going out and just being in nature has been something I have started doing a little more of since lock down and it has really filled me soul with a lot of joy and healing. I urge you to go outside even to the park and take a deep breath in – leave your phone and enjoy your surroundings!


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