The 3 Secrets Behind The Perfect Necklace Party

A necklace stack is a must have especially in the summer once all the layers have been peeled. But there is nothing worse than a neck mess! Filled with tangles and knots.  So I thought I would share my tips for the best necklace party. I have also shared a very good tip on how to detangle your necklaces, when they tangle up when you store them – something we all have at home. Nothing messy just simple and easy to use.

Here are my 3 top tips to good necklace party.

  1. To try and top tangles (which is inevitable sometimes) it to have different types of chains, and that way they do not like to get mixed in as easily.
  2. Different textured chains work great. Gold mixed with beaded necklaces or anything in between.
  3. Play with the length of the chains, make sure they sit at slightly different lengths so they all have their room to shine and not get twisted up.
  4. Bonus tip – enjoy and put everything together and have fun with it!

A little pro tip on how to detangle – we all hate it when we store our favourite necklaces and sometimes they end up in a tangled mess! A simple tip on how to untangle them is to use a toothpick to get the knots out and I swear they work a treat!!! It is simple and easy and no mess!!! Tangles be gone.


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