How to deal with psoriasis & eczema.

I have suffered with skin issues since I was a teenager. But unlike spots or acne (which I did not deal with and so thankful I did not have to) there was no cover up for this miserable skin condition that could not be covered up with make up or anything else for that matter. Unless I wore one of those surf/diver suits which would be a little impractical, ooo but maybe they would act as a large pair of spanx and that could be a fab idea, okay but I digress. I started having skin issues during my teenage year, I first got them on my FACE! Yes my face! As if puberty was not bad enough I had these horrid rashes near my ears and on my forehead, and it was super visible and I was so conscious about them. I was a teenager in Sri Lanka where is was hot and 99% of the time my hair was up and I was so conscious about this. I could not enjoy wearing earrings too and this was around the 90’s/early 2000’s when the attitudes were big and so were the hoops.

I remember going to several specialists, and getting several ointments, and creams. Some worked for a little while, then some made it worse. Plus I always heard the dreaded phrase, that these type of skin issues could not be treated.

(PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL – This is just some thoughts and tips that have helped me deal with the condition. Please seek medical advise if you have not and you are suffering with any of these skin troubles. I am just making this video to share how I have coped with suffering with these skin problems over the years and I hope it helps you. If you have any useful tips, please leave them in the comments below and we can have a chat and discuss how it has helped you. Remember sharing is caring when there is not “cure” for this skin problem.)

I remember how frustrated I would get when they would go away and then come back in the worse way possible. Flared, irritated, flaky, bleeding … ah it was the worst. I went to so many doctors and I used so many ointments and nothing was working.

The advice or things I mention in this post was things that worked for me over the 15 years or so. By no means am I a health professional or a skin specialist or anything like that but this is what worked for me.

I also did a little video on it – so check it out if you are interested.

  1. CUT OUT DAIRY!!! Honetly this saved me over the last few years. I would occasionally have a little bit of dairy in the form of cheese now and again and I see that my skin reacts almost instantly.
  2. Cut out red wine.
  3. Do not have hot showers – I not sure of the science behind it but baby it works! I have to say I love to boil like a bag of rice in the shower normally but avoiding steaming hot showers have helped.
  4. do not sleep with your earrings on – if there are not fine jewellery. Anything with zinc in it could irrate your skin. That applies to necklaces too! I had the worst rashes along my neck too!
  5. Stress makes it worse! I know that is something that we cannot control most of the time but try and relax.
  6. When the sun comes out go and get your self in it. It really helps with the healing of the psoriasis patches. When I would go to Sri Lanka I would find that they would do so much better. That was because of the sun.
  7. Try not to wear make up on the cracked skin. I know that is not you want to hear but when you do not have to wear make up – go make up free.
  8. Keep a note of the products you are using and if they agree with your skin do not waiver from them too much. That is for make up or skin care. So that when you try something new you know that is what could be causing the irritation.
  9. Do not use heavily scented products on the damaged skin.
  10. if something in your make up or skin care routine irrupts your skin don’t use it again.
  11. In the colder months make sure to not wear itchy jumpers and swap it to softer materials – I have linked below some super affordable cashmere.


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