The Importance Of Walking. Isolation Diaries|| Conversations With Chiara ||April/May 2020

This time in isolation has got me thinking a lot about the way I have been living my life, and made me reflect. On the way I lived, or the way I may have treated someone, or who are the humans who actually nourish my soul and who are just present and converting oxygen into carbon dioxide on the same planet I live on. Over the last few weeks I made it a regular thing to go on a long walk outside in nature. It allows my brain to just switch off from everything going on inside my little nut of a head. It really sparked a lot of joy within me that I forgotten about. When I was at university I used to go out for country walks and enjoy the great out doors but then life took over and I just never really thought about it. Going outside and just seeing the greenery and watching the ducks or any birds really just gave me a real sense of peace and calm. It puts a lot into perspective. I know my nook is a lot about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but I think this is an important topic to discuss. Our mental health and well-being. Getting out into nature just helps you see life within other creatures and the plants. It makes you appreciate the little things that we would take for granted because we are all rushing around, or on our phones. But this slower pace of life has shown me that it is important to have a look around you, appreciate the wonderful gifts of the earth that we have not been appreciating. I think with all the news, social media, constant contact with loved ones, as lovely as all of that is – I think it is important to just pop outside have a breath of fresh air. Enjoy your own company. Reflect on what you want from life moving forward. What you want to leave behind. And if all of that is too much – just get out no matter the weather and just enjoy it, switch off all that noise and enjoy your surroundings. Where ever you go for your walks. There might be a bit of street are that makes you smile, or something foul that makes you laugh. Just enjoy the moment, if there was any lesson to be learnt from all of this it is that. As much as I love my home I need that breath of fresh air to appreciate my home comforts.

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

 Charles Dickens

Coming back home to those simple pleasures makes it all the more sweeter after getting out of the house.


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