10 Things I Do To Check In On My Mental Health During Isolation ||Conversations with Chiara

Having daily check ins with your mental health is so good and useful at these times! Here are some things I find useful: 

1. When we are all a little scattered and feeling all the emotions I try and practice some gratitude 🌻 I try and do this everyday and write 3 things i am grateful for! However big or small they are! I try do this in morning or even in the evening is okay. I like to write it down in a little journal but even penning them down on your phone is okay too.

2. I also try and journal my thoughts, or feelings or just rubbish on a page first thing in the morning ☕️ It’s almost a brain dump on a page and that makes me feel better! It is like talking to someone with out having to …

3. Connect with someone if you’re feeling a little meh – it can boost your spirit ! Just talk about what you are feeling or just nonsense. I just love to talk to my girlfriends about the mundane things like cooking, sharing recipes, skin care. All sorts of nonsense.

4. Another thing is as connected as we all are it’s okay to leave your phone to one side and just do something to enrich your soul, whether that be cooking, cleaning or arts and crafts or going for a walk or even exercise. It’s nice to just breathe a little away from the phone, which can be exhausting! 

5. I am so grateful for having little Chloe at a time like this! But remember pets are hard work and don’t think they are just a band aid to help us through this rough time! They need love and support forever 💝🐾 I have to say she has been my little angel at this time.

6. Remember it’s okay to not be okay 🌈 – we all have our off days! So if you are feeling a little a little low reach out or if you need to sit in bed and eat all the croissants 🥐 do it!! Have a good nights sleep that night and wake up and face the next day.

7. Be kind to everyone! That seems to be a cute slogan thrown around but everyone try and be kind, we never know the crosses people are carrying and especially at this particularly weird time!!! 🌻

8. Go outside for a walk, and enjoy that moment. I just love to go outside and just enjoy the greenery and the animals around me – there is something quite therapeutic .

9. I have been enjoying the simple things like nature and I have loved taking my film camera with me – god knows what I have taken but I cannot wait to the film roll when I can develop it.

10. The smallest thing that has made me so happy has been getting a little bunch of flowers every week.

What have you been doing to more positive and checking in and taking of your mental health!? 


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