Mirrors to take that perfect OOTD

Currently the blog and instagram space is going back to its roots, which I am loving. From at home photos, and to the good old fashioned mirror selfies. Now I normally don’t do those but I have found it quite fun to get dressed for the day and snapping away -so I might continue to do so. Anyway back to my point, mirrors. If like me you are sans Instagram boyfriend or husband (Chloe is cute and all but she us no photographer – she does not even have thumbs – actually she does but they are useless) that means a mirror comes in handy. I thought I would find some pretty ones on the marker if like me you want a good mirror for the odd selfie and also to have a look what you look like! Plus since we are all home you never have to worry about missing a delivery!

I hope you are well and staying safe x


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