Geoffrey Bawa. Lunuganga. Sri Lanka

If there was ever a time for some escapism through pictures it would be now. I thought I would share with you a little bit of Sri Lanka. Last summer after a friends wedding I went to visit Geoffrey Bawa’s home in Lunuganga. Mr Bawa is an eminent architect and a national treasure in Sri Lanka, and he has designed some of the most beautiful and prestigious buildings there, and a lucky few get to live in homes that were designed by Mr Bawa himself. This house is glorious and the view is unreal. Every little detail in the property was so perfectly executed and so personal. From the colour choices, to the positioning of the rooms. It was perfection. It has inspired me to look at my home and think about it more as a personal project than it for it to look pretty, or to look like an instagram perfect home. This showed me to fill your home with things you love and that in turn will make your house feel like a home and it will all just work because you like everything in it. But saying that I would love to have garden like this. Imagine self isolating here! Ah – the silence and the view alone would make it more peaceful. This is what this place is – a little piece of serenity in an otherwise hectic world.

The day I went to visit was a wet and kind of gloomy day but it did not detract from the beauty and all the luscious green grounds that surrounded the property. Enjoy these images of this beautiful space and enjoy a little escape through your screen.

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