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At this strange time, filled with uncertainty and turbulent emotions, and the fear of the unknown. The start of a new normal the one thing that has stayed constant is the twinkle in my furry friends eyes and the pure look of joy every morning for another day spent together. 

If you have been in this nook of the internet or know me at all, you know the light of my life is my puppy Chloe and at this time is the ray of light that nourishes my soul every day. Without her little paws walking about my home, and my heart I don’t know if I could get through being at home alone during this random time of our lives. Her little smile makes my heart so happy. She comes and snuggles me just as I’m starting to feel down about something. She is just so in tuned with me and our souls entwined. If I ever doubted that theory these weeks together has only strengthen the bond I have with my fur baby, and made me realise that we are so connected. We are soul mates. Sitting together and having our breakfast is just more special now more than ever. Seeing her happy to go to the garden and sunbathe gives me the greatest joy, because I live to make her little soul happy. And I can happily say she is happy (I hope) – and I wouldn’t be surprised if she and all the other fur babies are sponsoring the self isolation to just have a little bit more of us at home. It has made me appreciate all that she does for me, from our morning cuddles, to the morning nudge to get me out of bed. To her enjoying to peep out at the postman encroaching her home. To watching her sit on her favourite chair and watch the world go by. To her waddling to her sunspot and sitting there for a little too long so I have to go grab her so she doesn’t cook like a chicken. To her coming up to me whilst I’m working on something to remind me it’s lunch or to go outside for some Air. She is my lifeline at this time and I know many other fur babies are the same to their humans. I hope she knows that she makes me so happy at this time when I feel so lost, overwhelmed, lonely, confused and scared of what happening. I hope she knows she gives me all I need to get up every morning and face another day, because with her … everyday is a wonderful day filled with all the love I will ever need ❤️

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