A day at the Tate with Dora Maar

I had been really getting into film photography over the last year and when I heard about the exhibition that was happening at the Tate I had to go check it out. It was the exhibition of the Artist Dora Maar. Now that we are in doors a little bit more I thought I would share some of the exhibitions I had visited and some images from there to give you a little change from fashion and beauty content.

P I had the worst art teacher of all time in school, she was a creative buzz kill. For her art was one way and I never fit that mould so I pushed so hard against it and dropped art like a hot potato. But over the years I realised that art can be what ever you want it to be. I was so inspired by my grand father an artist and he was an avid collector of cameras pottering about learning the craft and subconsciously it rubbed on me. So I wanted to get more into art since I have started to develop an interest in it over the years. I did try my hand at painting and let me tell you. I suck! So I want to go see how the experts do it.

Dora Maar is photographer who took her hand to mix media art, which I realise I have been a fan of for a while and did not even know it. She was also know as one of Pablo Picasso’s lovers and muse. But she was a well established artist prior to donning that title (which is annoying for any independent self made woman whose achievements are meaningless apparently unless she comes in a pair – can you tell I have some feelings bout this – I think I am going to write something about this – I digress) but her later art work you can see his influence on her work.

I remember I decided to go to the Tate on a Saturday (this was weeks and weeks ago before all the madness – but I just never got round to posting this) and just wonder around, I never thought I would turn into that person that really enjoys wandering around a gallery but I am that person. I wanted to share with you snippets of images from that day and all the art I saw and that inspired me and I hope it inspires you too.

Dora Maar Exhibition:

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