Skin Care Must Haves.

Winter is still here and boy does my skin feel it. The harsh cold weather and the wind, plus the central heating means your skin needs all the hydration it can get. Plus I love a good skin care chat so here it goes, these are my must have products. All of them have been in my routine for a long time and I would not recommend anything without using them profusely. I am a skin care junkie and I always love to find the best products that work on my dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.

My Favourite Products:

SPF is vital anytime of year. Even though the sun appears to be missing. Especially if you exfoliate your skin, I do not do as often as maybe should because I have sensitive skin. But SPF I always wear. Especially if you skin gets easily marked and pigmented easily this helps with making sure the marks do not get worse.

The La Mer Lotion Treatment is between an essence and a serum. You might be wondering why do I need this lotion or potion? Is it an unnecessary step? Honestly, no. It is an essential step (did you see what I did there!) think of your skin like a sponge. If it is a little wet it will absorb product easily. So for me I noticed a huge difference in how my skin felt after using this before any other steps, it keeps my skin moisturised and I can feel the plumpness in my skin.

This serum is so good, it really helps provide a nice base filled with moisture. You would feel like something is missing when its not on your skin. MY face really gets dehydrated and dry, so my skin really drinks up any moisture. So a little bit more moisture is always a good thing in my books.

Something I have recently added into my routine and I have made it a staple is an eye cream. And of course it is La Mer, and honestly I feel like it is making such a huge difference in that area. I am now in my thirties and I need to take care of that area now. I can feel it being more dry under my eyes and I need to be conscious about it.

Moisturiser is key, and should be the finishing touch to your skin care routine. Think of your routine going from the lightest texture to the thickest. I now use the traditional cream, which is thicker, all you need a little amount and rub it between your fingers and then pop in on your skin. Honestly I think this face cream is worth the hype. My skin thanks me for it, my skin feels glowy and plump and moisturised.

Overnight facial by Sarah Chapman is every lazy girls answer to a facial, or mask at home. I am not a big mask person but I love a good facial oil and honestly this is my favourite. It is a fabulous oil that works miracles over night! It works like a mask, in my eyes really. It does all it needs to do to your skin and all you need to do is sleep. It hydrated, plumps and also helps with any issues with your skin . I love this product and I always repurchase it. I do not use it every night because it is an oil and it could be too much for your skin, but I do try to use it 2 to 3 times a week if my skin needs a little TLC.

A fabulous serum to target dark spots. I had a random break out and I got some scarring from it. I was recommended this product at a facial, and honestly I have been using quite religiously and it has helped my scarring reduce bit by bit. It is not not an overnight success story but consistency is key, so keep using it and you will find a difference in your skin.

Lets not forget lip balm. A good lip balm will keep the chapped lips at bay. With the cold air still circling (even in the summer it is vital for me) you need to take care of your lips. These are my favourites, I am currently using the Mango one it reminds me of Sri Lanka so I love it. But I love the tube of lip balm over a pot, germs will be kept at bay.

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