My Thoughts on Herbivore Prism & Amethyst.

I am not one to try new things anymore in my skin care of body care routine because I have super sensitive skin and I suffer with psoriasis. I have my favourites and I stick to them, but I have to say the packaging and the crystal vibes of the body scrub got me. I did a lot of reading about the brand and these products in particular and I went ahead and got them. But were they worth it?

I have always seen Herbivore products around and wear super eager to try them as it is also Vegan and Cruelty free.

The Products:

The exfoliating serum as well as a body exfoliator. Lets hope that by getting my skin ready for spring it is manifesting the arrival of it.

The Prism serum first of all looks beautiful doesn’t it? In that iridescent bottle, let me tell you it looks fabulous and radiates beautiful vibes on a vanity. But is the product any good?

Prism is an exfoliating product, it is referred to as an exfoliating glow potion. It has natural fruit acids and things like lactic acids, to help exfoliate your skin in a more natural and softer way.

The way you are meant to use this product, is to pop in on your face avoiding the areas close to your eyes and letting it do its thing. It is meant to exfoliate your skin, and improve the texture and tone of your skin. It also is meant to help plump and soothe your skin at the same too, as it has rose water aloe water and sodium hyaluronate.

My thoughts are as follows, I think that the product is a good over night exfoliating product. It did not irritate my skin, or scar it or anything. It also did not strip my skin of its moisture, but I did pop on a night time cream. I forgot to mention that I used this at night, and do not forget to pop on SPF the next day because of the exfoliation that has happen over night. I really love this product, this is not something that one should use everyday but a couple of times a week. It does a great job of gently exfoliating your face. If I am honest I do not know if I felt my skin plump and firm, but I will keep you posted. But it help brighten up my face from the dullness that it has been matching with the Great British SkY!

Amethyst is a physical body exfoliator, it is so pretty and so sparkly! It has pieces of the amethyst crystals in it. I am very careful with physical (with harsh bits in the product) exfoliators, because I ahem sensitive skin and I suffer with psoriasis. Therefore I am very cautious about using them, apart from the prettiness of the product. Does it do the job!?

The product as I mentioned before has pieces of the amethyst gemstone that helps exfoliate the skin gently, it also has Jasmin sambac, coconut oil, and epson salts that also nourish the skin at the same time.

I really love this product, I feel like it does exfoliate my skin without cutting it into ribbons. It just does the job gently, and it also does not strip my skin of its moisture. The scent of this product as well as the crystal element of it really helps with the relaxation element of this beautiful body product. It just makes you feel calm, and just a little boujee because who doesn’t want to rub crystals all over themselves!!!

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