Gua Sha vs. Facial Roller

You have seen these beauty tools all over Instagram, and you might be having a lot of questions. Do they work? How do you use them? Are they worth the hype? Should I be ironing out my face with a glorified crystal?

The answer is “yes!” But which tool is more suited for your skin, or what you want out of a skincare tool.

I thought I would break it down for you just to make it a little easier to digest.

To be honest I am a fan of both of these, but the roller is a quicker method of swooshing around your face in a rush. Let’s say that I am rolling the roller on my face to iron out the puffiness and the pillow creases from the night before or maybe they are premature wrinkles that I do not want to accept. Maybe I should get myself a silk pillowcase…but I digress. I do think the Gua Sha does wonders for your skin, but you need to have a little bit of time on your hands to do it properly. Otherwise you are just scraping around a piece of crystal around your face which is not going to be very effective. It also depends how much time, and effort you want to put into these tools. The roller you can keep on your bed side table do it when you wake up or before you go to bed. Whilst the Gua Sha needs a little bit more time, and you probably would need to use it near a mirror – unless you are Gua Sha goddess who can pick things up super quickly.

Which one is your favourite? Do you think skin care tools are worth it?

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