Autumn Inspiration & Must have’s

Pictures are from Pinterest and I annotated them : Here is my Pinterest Account so you can see where I get my inspirations from.

Autumn is popping in once in a while, and that can only mean one thing – layering! I love this time of year – it is the perfect temperature to be cosy and not too hot and cold and to be honest I think it is the most fashionable season.

I am pulling out some old favourites like my big blazers and cardigans this time round (like above)and I have been enjoying it. But there are a couple of things on my list, like a piece of vinyl – I have had trousers in the pants and struggled to find a pair that was tight fighting and looked “cool”. I have found some other pieces of vinyl that have tickled my fancy like the midi skit. I am also on the hunt for a cute, and the key word is cute cosy cardigan! I have linked up a few that are just so adorable.

These seem to be the key pieces to have this autumn, so check in your wardrobe and see if you have anything from previous seasons and bust them out and if you are on the hunt, I have got you covered! Happy Monday folks – enjoy that coffee (or tea or juice) and have a fabulous week!

Chunky Gold Jewellery:



Cosy Cardigans:


Cosy Dresses:


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