It’s my birthday so what should I wear – my birthday suit!

Just like that I’m 30! I still remember my 20th birthday like it was yesterday, from the dress I wore to the cake I cut… and the hopes and dreams I thought I would live out in my 20’s!

Were my 20s everything I thought they would be? No … it was a mixed bag filled with ups and downs, with lots of fun bits, sad bits, life altering stuff too.

I was always worried that I would be worried about turning 30. When u left school I thought that 30 was a “real adult” and I would be a mum and maybe a wife. All I can say is – I am an adult sometimes but I don’t feel like one most of the time. I still google to crap out of everything and I still cannot make an omelette. but I can say that heading into my 30s I’m 10 times more the woman I was in my 20s. I’m more confident about myself, whether that be as a person, or my body or even my mental health I’m happier with it all! Sure there will be wobbly days but I’m stronger and much more independent than I ever thought I would be.

In my 20s I lost friendships, lost lovers, gained sisters in the form of my friends, grew to be friends with my parents. I learnt a bunch of valuable lessons and I cannot wait to share more person things over on this little nook – so keep your eyes peeled! Gained confidence in starting my nook of the internet and appreciates myself a lot more and is proud of the fact that I have done a lot of things on my own. As a single independent woman! And that was something if I am honest I never thought I would be. I always thought I’d be married with kids by this point and even though I’m no where near to that dream I know I don’t need a man to complete me and maybe I’ll have a baby one day (or get a farm) And what ever life throws at me I can deal with it, with my family that I have created.

Cheers to the dirty 30’s!

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