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Sustainability is something that is being discussed a lot, and I think that it is great that it is on the forefront of our minds. We are all trying our best to change our ways, whether it be buying a keep cup for your coffee. Getting a reusable bottle, or just remembering to keep your bag for life on standby for that emergency shop for dinner, or in my case fruits and chocolate. Random choices, I know but at least I am counter acting the chocolate with some fruit. Enough about my sudden sweet tooth cravings and back to the coolest new shopping destination.

I know shopping and fast fashion is something that people are very much against. Or at least trying to stop that awful habit. I am not here to debate any of this, but in the world of consumerism people are going to want to shop. Everyone is constantly wanting to buy new things, and style them up with what they own. Or they just want to buy something new, and there is nothing wrong with that. But why not shop vintage. To be honest, I find it very hard shopping in vintage store, firstly I have no patience to go around London trying to find the shops and then added to that you have to do more digging in the shop. If you are someone like me, I have found you the best vintage store online!!!!!! The Level Store this is the answer to all your vintage clothing dreams!

They stock the perfect oversized shirts, blazers (omg the blazers- are perfections) and I event nabbed myself the perfect oversized suit too plus some perfect oversized shirts like this one too! They are the perfect, “oh I stole my boyfriend or dads shirt” vibe. Plus they find the best colours, on trend and yet oh so classic. Like this one…

They also stock perfect oversized trousers like these vintage YSL ones and they are so so so affordable which is incredible. It was an amazing find and it did not cost more than a 100 euros!!! And we all know how expensive good trousers can be! They are the perfect oversized pair of trousers ever! One thing I must say about The Level Store is that you MUST sign up to their newsletter to be able to view the collections as soon as they drop so you are not disappointed. So keep an eye out on their instagram for what they are curating. It is a downside that they are hard to grab hold of pieces but that is the downside of shopping vintage usually anyway! Nowadays with vintage things are so expensive that it makes no sense to buy vintage when you could just buy it brand new for the same price. Another thing I love about this store is that the owners are so lovely, they always are so transparent about any marks or issues with the items. And these also fix anything that needs to be fixed with no extra charge! Which is amazing, I remember when I ordered these trousers they messaged me immediately to say there was a tiny issue and that they would fixed it before they send it over. And that it would take a little longer to get to me and if I didn’t want it they would refund me, which I thought was just so nice.

Apart from their fabulous collections that they curate they are doing their but for the environment, which a lot of other stores can take a leaf from their book. They don’t used plastic packaging, everything is recyclable, from the envelop things arrive in to the paper tape! Which is amazing!!! Compared to a lot of other high street stores this is a breath of fresh air!

Here is there promise to be more sustainable and their initiative to do more for the environment which is amazing!

Therefore, If you are on the hunt for something look no further than the dynamic duo that run the level store – they have fabulous taste and they are fabulous humans too!!


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