Hermes Oran Slippers Review

Now these are some of the most covet slippers or slide or sandals, what ever you want to call them. They are one of the most classic pairs of shoes, and they are a source of inspiration on the high street too( I have linked some of the best dupes of these shoes on the high street).

If you have been on my little nook of the internet you would have seen me wear these now for the last couple of years anytime it’s warm here in London or anytime I have travelled to warmer climates.

Now the real question is, are they worth it! Honestly if I could go back I might not buy them again. Or I won’t be buying anymore pairs of these! Now that I have them I am happy to have them. But for lack of better terminology, they were a bitch to break in!!! (Sorry for my language – just Incase my mum is reading this ) They were an absolute nightmare, they cut my feet into ribbons! Yes ribbons! They were pretty pricey shoes so I was determined to make it work!!! I don’t have wide feet or have any issues with sizing usually. I’m a pretty standard size, and to be completely honest I have never had such a hard time breaking in a pair of sandals or slides! Ever!

Now that I have persisted and broken them (in) before I let them break me(of my feet), I can happily say they are super comfy! They are now so comfy!! They have moulded to my feet and it almost feels like I am barefoot. That is a good and bad thing – the good is that it really comfy, but the bad is that it is super flat and sometimes I trip. But I do not know if that is my weird walking or the shoes fault!

The question is it worth it? Hmm, now that they are broken in I love them, but for that price tag I would not recommend them! They really hurt my feet and they were a nightmare to break it!

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