2 Simple Tips To Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe & Look Expensive

England gets one heatwave, and that can only mean that summer has finally arrived! So its time to ride that (heat)wave.

Summer is the best time of year, in my humble opinion. Well summer, and then Christmas time. Why is summer the best season you may ask… It is sunny, for a start (most of the time in the UK). It is something that we have been programmed to look forward to since school days. PLUS, and the most important thing is, that it is my birthday season!!! So that means the hunt for a birthday dress has commenced and I have no clue wear to start, so if you have any ideas let this granny know!

Okay back to what you are here to see, the 2 simple tips

  1. If there is anything to add to your summer wardrobe that is inexpensive and instantly elevates any look, it is an organza top. This is a bit of a trend piece and there is a lot of it all over on the high street (which I have linked below). It is an easy and affordable way to elevate your existing wardrobe.

Outfit details:

2. The easiest bit, is a monochromatic look. Pick one colour and stick to you. From the top to the shorts, or skirt. To a similar tone in the accessories. In this look I added in a pop of pink with the bag but otherwise I would just put in a white one and it would look even more polished. Just do not have a white bag…yet!

This is such an easy look to achieve, have a rummage in your wardrobe and I am sure you already have several items that can be worn together. For example some light washed denim with a light blue tee, or swap those out for white denim and a white shirt.

These earrings were kindly gifted to me By Ottomans Hands.

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