What I have been saving recently on the Gram…

I love to draw inspiration from different places, and one of them is instagram. The style inspo, or home interiors or just simply figuring out how to style up a basic shirt Instagram is a great little nook for that.

I am really trying to not get sucked into the NEW NEW NEW kind mentality or have those panics where I scream “I HAVE NO CLOTHES!!” in front of a wardrobe filled with clothes. So I am trying to create more content around the pieces I have and maybe these images will breathe in a new lease of life into your existing closest tooo!!

I also love drawing inspo from Pinterest and Tumblr too, just even for some inspiration for content. Or just to get inspired in general. I am such a visual person that these platforms are so much fun to browse through. I know there is a lot of negativity around these platforms too and I will share those thoughts too over here soon. But for today lets be happy bunnies! Here is my Pinterest Account  & Tumblr Account so you can see where I get my inspirations from.

Light Materials

All the beige, and light tones. And of course a big blazer, and maybe just maybe, I am lusting over a pair of biker shorts!! Maybe…

A little bit of chocolate won’t hurt anyone.

Princess Diana serving all the looks to inspire anyones summer wardrobe. Plus she made cycle shorts wearable, without it being fanny bearing and without it looking too much like a workout look. When we all know its a casual look to get cake in.

Wicker bags, wicker hats… basically anything made of straw.

Black Swimwear… because there is no other colour out there as flattering!

My summer vibe is going to be dad on holiday, but chic! So, no need to look any further than on this girls instagram feed!!

Big Blazers over everything!

Big clutches too!

Polka Dots!!

Linen White Shirt is all you need to buy this summer to wear with everything!

Also add a pop of pink… just because!

Pop on a bucket hat!

Don’t forget to have some fun with some jewellery, its summer (well it is meant to be… so enjoy and layer up your pieces). For some serious inspo look no further than this lady’s treasure trove.

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