My Summer Vibe || Inspo.

Summer is finally here !! And I do not know about anyone else, but I forget how to dress in the summer. Living in London means layers most of the time. So when it is time to peel those layers off, I get a little lost. Which is funny because I am a little island girl at heart – well deep deep down I am.

Sometimes I want to dress up using the piece I already own rather than buying new things, so that is wear inspiration pictures really come in handy. And also if there is something you are loving a lot and is missing from your collection you can make a considered purchase. Here are some images I am obsessed with. From the neutrals, to the fun colours, to whites, and hats and bows. Then there is the oversized denim, blazers over everything and of course a hair clip or 10! Oh and gold jewellery… LOTS AND LOTS OF IT!

Here is what I am getting inspired by:

Pictures are from Pinterest and I annotated them : Here is my Pinterest Account so you can see where I get my inspirations from.

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