The Sandal You Need This Summer

Who would have thought that your dad, or grand dad would be your summer muse?

Summer will appear at some point and that means sandals. And who would have thought that your dads foot wear, which you probably took the piss out of or ridiculed to his face would be the star of the summer. Sorry Dadda for all the jokes I have ever made at your expense.

These bad boys popped up last summer and I wasn’t too sure about them. As with most trends (ugly trainer trend and cycle shorts not included) the more you see them, the less offended you are by them and then the more you adore them.

If you have been to my little nook of the internet, or as I call it my Atelier I am a huge fan of pretty and sometimes sparkly shoes, but I love a loafer or brogue so I guess you could call this an obvious choice for me. There is something so chic about this chunky shoe when worn with something super feminine and classic. I love to wear them with dresses and skirts but of course a pair of jeans and a t shirt will look fab. Plus, they will be comfortable to wear all day.

These Chanel ones are so comfy and I adore them, and I cannot wait to wear them this summer. I love the different textures and the sparkle, all the sandals will add that bit of texture that sometimes is missing in a summer look. If you can pop into the store and try them I highly recommend that you do – but if not I have got you covered with a whole bunch of them down below.

Outfit Details:

The weather in London hasn’t been sandal weather yet, but get ready to see these and boys – alllllll over the gram and here!!!

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