The Must Have Shoe Of The Summer

I have travelled through the internet and found you the best picks of the strappy shoe. Plus I have also shared my thoughts on these pretty By Far Sandals with you if you were thinking of buying into the strappy shoe trend and investing in the fabulous instagram famous brand.

The shoe of the season is the minimal strappy shoe. Thank 90’s vibe. I vaguely remember my first pair of heels looking like this. What I absolutely love about this type of shoe is that it doesn’t take over an outfit. It almost blends in. The shoes are so chic and simple and they are the best to just make a simple t shirt and jeans look so put together but not like you tried too hard! Think cool girl vibes – obvious no one cool calls anything cool girl vibes – so that shows my level of cool-ness (if that is a word) on the scale.

I thought I would share my thought on these By Far Sandals because I had never seen any reviews of these shoes when I was buying this strappy number. These shoes are pretty famous on instagram – I bought these last summer and I am so glad I did because I wear them a lot, especially when I do not know what to wear with an outfit. Plus they are the best summer shoe, because in the heat your feet swell and these do not feel like the are caging in your feet. They were comfortable from the time I bought them, there was no need to break them in, the leather was buttery soft from the time I got them, which made them a joy to wear. Because let’s face it no one want their feet to be shredded into ribbons, and that is a very high possibility with all the the strappy shoes and their straps. These did not shred my feet, plus this heel height is ac comfortable heel height, that give you the height you want and it is comfortable enough to walk and dance around in. I highly highly recommend these shoes, and I am looking to investing in another pair from the brand.

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