The Levis Ribcage Jeans

Looking for the perfect high waisted jeans? Tired of trying to find them? Are you a girl with a big booty, hips and thighs? Regardless of your size I think I might have something for you. I might have found your new spring summer jeans. This is a new style of jeans for me personally, I think they are relatively new in the world of Levis jeans and I had to test them out. I am big fan of Levis jeans, there is a reason they are still one of the worlds most coveted brands when it comes to denim, and that is because they do it so well.

I had not heard of this style of jean before and I was so happy to find a pair like this. I was looking for a jean that would be super high waisted – think almost like a denim gusset (tetetete). They are called the ribcage jeans for the obvious fact that they basically sit on your ribcage, therefore making them a super duper high waisted jeans.

Like any proper denim jeans they are a little tough at first, so I would not recommend wearing them to dinner on your first outing because you would definitely have to unbutton that top button after even eating a peanut. They do have a bit of stretch to the jeans itself but you do need to break them in a bit. After breaking these in I am obsessed with them. I am a short girl (5ft 1 and half… yes that half in important) , and what I love about Levis is that they give you all the different leg lengths ( I have linked the exact pair below) therefore they are short girl friendly. I have them in a length 27 for reference for any short girls looking for these jeans.

I think that Levis have really nailed the fit of the perfect high waisted jeans, the fit over the bum, hip and thigh area is comfortable and so flattering. I am a girl with hips and a bum and it is almost impossible to find some flattering jeans of this style. It makes that booty look so peachy and who does not want that! But fret no more!!! Levis is here! What I love even more is the slight flare of the jeans, it is nota 70’s flare, its a nice little flare which makes it a fab pair of jeans to show off those strappy shoes.

I love how high waisted it is, it makes it so flattering to wear even with a simple t shirt or shirt. Have you tried them out ? Let me know your thoughts.

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