Top 10 Nude Lip Colours For Brown Girls || Brown Girl Beauty Club

Sometimes finding beauty products that suit your skin tone is the bane of everyones existence and in a sea of make up it is still hard for brown girls to find the right shade. I am going to start a series of posts and videos sharing my favourite categories of products for little brown girls! Lets call it the Brown Girl Beauty Club for now – if you have a better name for it please let me know. Finding a nude lipstick as a brown woman is no easy feat. Everyone talks about a nude lip and it never suited me and it would be frustrating. So I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude, and I have found 10 of the best!!

My requirements and every brown girl I know who is looking for a nude lip is:

  1. Pigmented lip products, us brown girls can have pigmented lip so we need that extra punch 
  2. Something that has a good reddish brown tone to compliment our skin tone
  3. Nothing to beige or brown which could look like concealer
  4. A comfortable lip product, something that isn’t dry or too shiny that everything sticks to it.
  5. This is a bonus tip: get a fabulous lip liner (keep an eye out for my post on that coming to you this week)

These 10 I have chosen after years of hunting and I can honestly say these are the best nudes I have found for brown girls! Some are matte, some are semi matte and some have a sheen. But they are all comfortable to wear and long lasting.

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