The Only Accessory you need Spring forward into Summer

The fashion crown fit for every fashion loving girl. From Kate Middleton, to Blair Waldorf to all the cool girls in town this is the accessory you need.

The only you need to add a little spring into your look. Headbands! You don’t need to buy any new clothes all you need is a pretty headband and you will have a spring fresh look.

With this gusts of wind we are having in London it’s a fabulous way to keep your hair away from your face too!!! This the perfect accessory for now but also as summer holidays and summer in general approaches, when it gets to hot to pull out those hair tools and faff about with the front bits of you hair. Just pop one of these on and go outside and enjoy the day. Basically its the lazy girl hack for getting ready in the morning.

This Spring Summer the thicker headband is having a real moment, and I am loving these. I think there is a style of headband for everyone, from the simple Brigitte Bardot style ones to embellished sparkly ones, to Blair Waldorf-esque ones. I have do an edit featuring some fabulous affordable ones. I have also got the ones that are sparkly, a little shelly, and ones that are in your face and also the elegant ones too.

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