The 3 Bags You Would Want To Buy Vintage

Bags have always been my first love when it came to fashion. From my little pink Barbie bag (which I still have somewhere) to the up grade to the 90’s backpack to my love of the Fendi baguette and the Chanel classic flap. Bags are just a little bit of a luxury in every day life. As much as I love a trendy bag, I am a huge lover of buying a bag you love, something different and full of character. With the way the internet and social media is everyone has the same bags and nothing is too unique anymore (do not get me wrong I adore to be able to shop the bag I found on instagram) and that is why I love a vintage find. Something that represents a particular moment in time and something that really captures your style too.

This is also a purse friendly way to buy something that you love without having to break the piggy bank open. Plus let’s all try and be sustainable queens!

Below I have also shared an extra little special bag for the summer – go go have a look!

Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette was my first love when it comes to designer bags. I loved how each bag is different, not just in colour but in textures and styles. Every girl who has a baguette will have a different one that embodies her and I love that. I have been collecting them for a little while and I love them all. From the sparkly, to the simple black one, I believe there is a baguette for everyone. Buying them second hand is a very purse friendly way of getting hold of this bag, because brand new they are super expensive. There are loads, and I mean loads of them second hand – look I did an whole edit of some fabulous ones for you to shop. Plus they are not uber expensive. They are the perfect little bag to have, its a fab way to relive the Carrie Bradshaw moment again!

Vintage Dior Bags

The Dior Saddle is still very much the popular girl in town when it comes to Dior. As much as I j’Dior that bag, vintage Dior is beautiful and the bags are amazing. If the saddle is not your cup of tea there is a bunch of beautiful vintage Dior bags that are stunning and unique.

Balenciaga Basket

Here is a little bonus bag that is rare and hard to come buy, Balenciaga’s basket bag! I know there are lots of over sized totes but and I own one of them too but I have one of these beauties and I adore her for the summer on the beach. Because she is a little basket bag and you do not have to be too precious about it.

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