Podcasts That I Love Listening to

 I love podcasts, I love a variety of them too. From true crime, to lady bosses, to funny ones, and super duper informative ones. There is a podcast for everyone. 

I remember when I would look at my iPhone and wonder what the hell this podcast app was and if I could delete it. Now I cannot go a day without listening to them. I listen to them when I am in public transport, or in the gym, or in my car or when I am pottering around the house.

When it comes to podcasts I have favourite genres lets call it. From just fun and giggle podcasts, to having a chat with your friends kind of podcasts. Advice on things, and then my favourite true crime. I love listening about true crime podcasts, I do not know why and I hope you do not think I am weird. But to put it into context, I also used to work in the criminal legal system. So I am not a weirdo. Maybe I will do a post later on why I find them fascinating, but back to podcasts.

I thought I would share with you some of my current favourites and what I am constantly listening too, if its not my 2004 – 2007 playlist on Spotify. Another reason I love podcasts is that it seems to be heavily female based, and I think it is amazing to see women dominating in a field! So go girls!

Also leave me a comment down below and let me know what your favourite podcasts are!

Here are some of the ones I love:


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