Petite Girls Tips To Wearing An Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazers are always a good idea in my opinion, but even more so at this time of year! You can layer up like a little chic burrito.
Oversized blazers are super boxy and can make you look bigger or shorter than you are. But I promise everyone can wear one! No matter what your size is or how tall you are.

I love the look of an oversized blazer, it’s almost like you have stolen your dads or boyfriends blazer and currently it’s the look of the moment . With spring meant to be making an appearance at some point, the 80’s is a trend that will be big. Now I am an 89 baby, but I have no where to go in gold lame or a little dress with bug shoulder pads, but an oversized blazer I can do. I remember seeing an old photo of my mum in one back in the day and I loved it. I have always loved the oversized blazer look and I own a few oversized blazer, but usually I would have to rummage in a vintage store. But now they are popping up everywhere, like Pret! I have a cheeky edit of my favourites out there.

I have always been a fan of this look, I think there is something chic about it.
Here are my 5 tips for styling up an oversized blazer if you are a short girl like me.

Outfit details:

  1. Keep everything else in the outfit a little bit more fitted. If you wear everything a little too baggy it could drown you. So wear a fitted t shirt or shirt and style them up with more straight legged or skinny trousers. I am yet to style it up with a skirt that isn’t short, if you have done so leave me a comment down below and let me know how you managed to style it.
  2. For a more androgynous look pop on a pair of brogues or loafers, like what I have styled here. But you can instantly elevate this look with a pair of heels, to make the look a little bit more feminine. You could pop your hair into a pretty little bun and pop on a pretty hair clip.
  3. What ever one you buy do not size up – it will drown you!
  4. Layer up, this particular one I am wearing is super duper warm, but the beast from the east might re -appear so put on a warm little cardigan, one that is not too chunky underneath to keep you warm.
  5. My final piece of advise is, if you like the blazer and the look… just wear it with some confidence. It is about playing with proportions. Once you have figured it out and you like how the outfit looks, you will look fabulous honey!

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