Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil & Heart Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor Review

Looking for that glow? And looking for a facial tool that actually works? Looking for a more natural type of skin care. Then this powerful duo is the one for you.

If you have not been to my little nook of the internet you might not know that I have an addiction to skin care! Yes, an addiction. If there is a product out there that claims to give my skin a glow and suitable for super sensitive skin, then I am going to try it. My little skin back story is I have very dry/dehydrated skin, I also have very sensitive skin and I am prone to hyper pigmentation especially under my eyes and any scaring when I get spots.

I am not one for buying a skin care item online to be honest, I love to go in store and have a touch and feel, and ask questions but unfortunately Kora Organics is not available in any UK store so I was pushed into a corner. I could not find too many reviews, but from what I saw they sounded divine. Plus if Miranda Kerr (the founder of the brand) is anything to go by, then sign me up. So I thought I would order these two and see I how I get on and then report back.

Noni Glow Facial Oil

This is a nourishing treatment oil that can be used during the day or at night. It is meant to be good for all skin types, including sensitive skin as well as oily skin because it is meant to balance your skin’s pH levels. Since I have super sensitive skin and dry skin I can only report from that point of view. It did not irritate my skin at all, it is not fragranced in anyway, and what I mean by that is that it does not have an artificial smell to it. It smells of … healthy skin care if I am honest. It is not my favourite smell in the world but if it works why the hell not. I must note that the smell does not linger on your skin at all so its not an offensive scent.

The oil contains the following:

  • noni extract
  • rose hip oil
  • pomegranate extract
  • sea buckthorn

This blend provides a source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids to not only nourish but smooths and brightens your skin too.

This is how you should use the product to get the best results, warm up 3 to 4 drops and if you are a rebel like I am sometimes I go rouge and put 5 drops and warm them up in my hands and pat it on to my face and neck. If you want more glow once you have put your make up on you can pat on a drop or two over your make up and it won’t disrupt it at all. But provides that Victoria Secrets glow.

My honest review: apart from the scent that I am not crazy about, this oil works!! From the first application I woke up the next day with brighter skin and it gave skin the glow it needed prior to this burst of sun we are having here in the UK. I am so happy that I bit the bullet and ordered this online and I look forwarded to trying more products from this brand too. I have my eye on the eye products .

Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor

Something you must know about me is I love a facial tool, I own a Jade and and Rose Quartz one (because they do different things – post in the process), and Gua Sha tool, and it would have been rude not to try this one. I mean look at it, it is so beautiful. My thought process was, even if I cannot use it for what ever reason I can always display it because it is stunning.

I can report back and say that this little beauty is more than just a pretty little thing. It is a fabulous little facial tool. How you should use it is to do upwards motions on you face (we want to work against gravity), and where the heart shape is (the double part) is the perfect shape to help contour the face. I will do a video soon on how exactly to use it.

Pop on the Noni Facial Oil on your skin first and then use this tool to help drive the ingredients into your skin to get the best out of its benefits.

Here is why you should buy this fab little cutie:

  • it is made out of Rose Quartz which is a non porous material, therefore there won’t be an product build up (to clean it just run it under water)
  • it de-puffs your face
  • contours your face
  • stimulated circulation
  • which means its increases the collagen production in your face
  • which also means bouncy and plump-ful and youthful skin
  • it removes toxins
  • eases tension
  • it is also made from a beautiful healing stone and beautifying stone which helps promote self love

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