How To Be More Conscious About Your Shopping

How to fight the urge to shop? Here are my 5 tips to help you think before you buy. Plus I share my thought on second hand designer goods.

We live in a world where there is a lot of new, we are constantly looking at different outlets. From social media, to traditional media and even just a cheeky goodie with friends. Couples in with the fact that the internet is just at our finger tips and we can get clothes and even groceries delivered to us within 90 mins, it’s never been easier to shop!

There is a lot of talk about being conscious and being more sustainable and I’m so happy to see this! If you have been in my little nook of the internet you will see me wearing the same styles of jeans and same shoes and bags. Because why upgrade or buy another pair of the old ones are good enough to enjoy!

This is not a post telling you not to shop – but a post to maybe give a few tips on how to save a few coins and use it towards your future, like a deposit for a home or a renovation or a little trip!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cheeky shop. But it’s just not possible to be always having everything that’s new and on trend all the time.
In my opinion being sustainable is about shopping smart, investing in classic pieces that you can enjoy for many years to come, so that you do not need to keep buying them. I also think if you have a good pair of boots or a jacket from the high street and you wear it loads you do not need to “upgrade” to a designer one, unless it falls apart and you know that you love it. I remember I had a pair of leather black heeled boots from Topshop I loved and wore loads. I never had to buy another, but then they were on their last legs and last year I upgraded to a pair of Dior after 5/6 years of my Topshop ones serving me well.

We don’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw, with a closet full of all the best shoes out there and not a penny in our bank!

Here are 5 tips of mine that I hope helps you save a few pennies:

  1. To stop impulse buying what I have started to do is make the basket of the things I am loving and then keep that basket there and shut the computer. If I have been thinking about any of those items for 24/48 hours I will consider purchasing them. But if I haven’t thought about them at all… that means I didn’t want it.
  2. Send things back or take things back! I know this is a fairly obvious one. But I am very bad at this, if you do not wear it immediately or you do not feel like doing so soon after purchasing you probably do not need it. Of course there are exceptions, like occasion wear! Or random sparkly finds!! Or a vintage find!
  3. Go into store. Making online baskets and hauling all that stuff is so easy online. But when you go into the store you can see everything close up, feel the materials and try everything on! I promise you won’t leave with much after that!
  4. Look in your closet first before you make any purchases. If there is something you are loving and wanting to buy, have a peep in your wardrobe and see if you already have the item or something similar. Chances are you already have got something similar, therefore you do not need the “new” one.
  5. If you love something and you want to get it, get rid of a couple of items in your existing wardrobe so you do not have an excessive amount of clothes (I need to practice what I preach here more often)

When it comes to designer things I know it’s so tempting when you see these trendy bags, currently with the huge love for all the bags of the 90s you can grab yourself a bargain! But of course like the outfit I am wearing in this post all the clothing is old, the Burberry trench was a “new” purchase but from a consignment store. The only new thing was my bag!

Here are 2 places I adore looking at for designer pieces. Both these places don’t sell bags that are in terrible condition and what I love about these 2 spots is that there is a store you can visit!!!!!!!! Of course they have online stores too but I love to look at bags closely too see the wear and tear etc. I can vouch for both these places, because I have bought a bag from both these places! Plus I found some great clothing bargains from The Designer Exchange like this jacket and another Acne Studios find!!!

Of course if you want to treat yourself go ahead, I am not into capsule wardrobes. I think its a little balance, of trying to cut corners from sending too much on clothes.


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