5 easy tips to start and continue working out

Working out for not me was not an enjoyable task. I would always dread it and really not enjoy doing it. But I feel like my little change in mindset has helped me enjoy getting back to the gym.

A little back story, when I was younger I was a skinny Minnie so working out was not a thing. I would go for dance class and maximum play net ball. It was not drilled into us at a young age to make time for exercise outside an activity. It’s a relatively new concept that everyone works out all the time and I think it’s great. If I had little ones I would like to show them that working out is necessary no matter what your size is.
For me working out would be for just vain reasons, but as I am getting close to 30 I want to work our not just to lose weight but for an overall healthier lifestyle.

What always stopped me was being scared or embarrassed that I was not fit enough, and then I remember on PT telling me. “do you think any one is looking at you?” “Hello no, people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own insecurities in the gym, that they do not look at you!” To be honest since I have re-started the gym I totally get what they are saying.

Here are my 5 easy tips for working out:

  1. Invest in your health. We would always make up the excuse that gyms are expensive or trainers age expensive, but go an invest in a bag or shoes. Why not invest in your health! Spend some money on your health. Get a trainer or go to the gym.
  2. Pay for a set of classes. I am not a gym lover, I get bored, but I have now discovered kobox and I’m not great at it yet but I love it, and because I have paid for a set of classes it means I have to go for it! Plus I get a shake.
  3. Keep it interesting. As I mentioned I have discovered kobox but if I did that everyday I would get bored, so I think it’s important for a little variety. I suggest finding a class, then doing a gym work out. And then maybe grab a friend and go for hike. Chloe is too small to go for big long walks but taking her for walk in the park is good for both of us.
  4. Don’t just have a deadline. What I mean by this is, do not do it for a particular day, for example a wedding that is coming up. Make it a change in lifestyle and mind set. That way it is a sustainable way to have a healthier outlook and go to the gym past that wedding.
  5. Get some cute work out clothes, I know that sounds silly, but honestly why not buy some new clothes to motivate you. If you look good it helps you feel you feel good and that applies to the gym too. I’m not saying to get a full new wardrobe but maybe add in something new.

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