10 Winter Skin Care Saviours

Winter is the time that our skin takes quite the beating, with all the cold winds and central heating. It removes all the moisture and the change of temperature means dull skin with no glow!! I know the sun has made an appearance but it is still cold and we have a month or so more of winter, so do not be fooled by the sun. Remember the “beast from the east” ? He could make another appearance this year!

I have very sensitive and dehydrated and dry skin. What I am looking for in skincare is something that puts glow back into my skin and also something that exfoliates my skin without the rough particles that most exfoliating products have. I also look for products that boost moisture.

These are the 10 items of skin care that have really helped my skin through the cold months! 

The glow getters:

Both these products should be used overnight, and when I have used both of them I have seen a visible difference. Especially with the Dior one. I have never tried Dior Skincare and wow, it was life changing. I do not know if you can see from the picture but I have used at least half of the bootle and now its going on its last legs. I pop a few drops on my face at night before bed and I wake up with visibly more glowy skin. It is filled with vitamin C and it has an exfoliating quality to it so it gently does that over night. Minus any sort of tingle or anything too harsh! It filled with anti oxidants and it helps with the texture of the skin too. It really does boost that glow, but in the morning you MUST remember to put on sun screen!

The Sarah Chapman one is a newer one to my collection and it has been amazing too – same premise as the Dior one, it helps defend against and UV damage. Brightens your face and creating a more even skin tone. I highly recommend both these products, they are divine. Again remeber SPF in the morning is a must!

Night time oil for a fabulous pamper:

This Clarins oil is the perfect night time pamper, if I am honest I use it most nights and my skin really thanks me for it. It helps retain moisture and does not let any of it out! It also is anti ageing, but not too much of it but with it keeping my skin bouncy that is all I need right!

The best lip balm:

Say bye bye to chapped lips with this bad boy, it is the best thing ever! I am in love with it! It is pretty heavy duty, and touch wood I haven’t had chapped lips with this all winter. You need to try this!

The best collection of products to keep your skin rejuvenated, youthful, bouncy: 

The serum is a cult product and there is a reason by, it’s a fragrance free serum that works over night to fight wrinkles, and it boosts the glow in your face over night. It’s not overly thick so it never clogs up your pores. It’s capsule counterpart is a much more concentrated little boost for when you have a special occasion coming up. They say you can use it days in a row, but what I like to do is use a few (one a day) in the days leading to a special day where I need my skin to look fabulous. The eye serum is one of my favourite eye serums, with the little wand is comes with you can pop it on with no fuss!

The Creme De La Creme:

There is a reason why La Mer is one of the most coveted and used products around, and that is because it works! Yes I know they are expensive but my god does my skin love these products especially the moisturiser and the oil! I use them daily, yes daily! They keep my skin moisturrised and plump. The oil is also not too oily, so you can enjoy wearing it doing the day too. Little tip: you ca also use the oil in the ends of hair or your cuticles! See worth every penny!

The one exfoliator that works in a few minutes without the beads:

I love the idea of exfoliating my skin and a peel but all I think of is Samantha from Sex and the City and it puts me right off that idea!

Beaded and rough exfoliators sometimes irritate my super sensitive skin. This Verso product is not that! It is an enzyme peel, yes that sounds scary but I promise you it isn’t. All you need to do is pop it on for literally a couple of minutes (of course if it hurts or causes any irritation take it off immediately) and wash it off with a warm damp cloth and it makes your face feel like brand new!

What are you favourite skin care products for the winter? Let me know… I bloody love skin care.

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