The Books To Hibernate With

With it getting even colder by the minute I have decided to hibernate. My favourite hibernation activity is reading. There is nothing like parting away from our screens and jumping into the pages of a great read.

There is nothing I love more than mooching around in a bookshop. I used to find it super annoying as a child when my dad would do that, but somehow I have turned into my dad! (in many ways too) I keep buying books and reading them, I am on a book buying ban till I get a book shelf made – adulting at its best. I thought I would share with you some of my top shelf reads, some of them are easy light reads, some are more inspiring and hard hitting.

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You must know who Rupi Kaur is by now. Her gorgeous poems are all over instagram. It is not very traditional poetry but there is such beautiful tone to all her poems. Mixed in with her own illustrations, it just sets out her vibes completely. I would love to go see her read some of her gorgeous poetry – I am so sad I could not see her in London. Milk and Honey was her first collection of poems and it was just so delicious. She perfectly depicted heartbreak and sadness and all the every day emotions of a young woman. The Sun and Her flowers is more gorgeous poems that tackle more topics than her first book. She pours her heart and soul into her work and I enjoyed the vibrance and honesty throughout. Another thing I love about these books is that you can pick them up and re-read them, or a particular poem that you feel might help with what ever the situation you are going through.

Something that you might know about me is that I love poetry, especially ones that deal with the matters of the heart. I have collected many books over the years with various collections of love poetry, but this one is one of my favourites. What I love about this book is that it takes you on every journey possible. From infatuation to true and deep love, to heartbreak and loss. I just love to read about romance, true true romance. I am sad to see that love is not like this anymore, and we live in a world filled with likes and swiping, so once in a while it is nice to get get lost in these pages filled with LOVE..

Food For The Soul & Mind

I am a big believer in the power of crystals. I know it is not for everyone, but if you are interested in learning about all the wonderful healing powers of crystals this is the perfect introduction. I have had the pleasure of meeting Emma, and she is an absolute joy, and she radiates positive energy and so does this beautiful book. It is filled with knowledge of not only what each crystal represents but it also shows you how to care for your crystals and little tips and tricks.

This is a fabulous little book to keep by your bedside to read every morning or night. It has a reading for everyday of the year. I like to start my day with some positive thinking, I have a five minute journal by my bed and reading a passage from this book in the morning or night helps me centre my mind. Or helps me start the day with the right mind set.

The Nature Lover

I am a huge animal lover, no scrap that I am ANIMAL Obsessed! As a kid I would read about all the animals, and even now I find myself doing that too, and that’s why this book was so fascinating to read because he was living my dream! David Attenborough is a national treasure, and for a food reason. Everyone adores his work, like his recent tv shows on the BBC like Dynasties and Blue Planet. When I was wondering around the book shop I found this and I had to read it. It did not disappoint. If you are animal obsessed and wished you became a zoologist like me this something so fascinating to read.

This is the story of a a young David Attenborough given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world to find new and rare animals for the London zoo. It has all of his stories from his travels, and all the animals he encountered like the Komodo dragon. This book is written with all of David Attenborough famous wit and charm and when you read this book you will just hear his voice in your head narrating the book, which in my opinion is a fabulous idea. I wish there was an audio book because I would have bought it.

Female Authors I love

Joan Didion is a literary royalty in my opinion. I have read all her books and these two are my favourites. The Year Of Magical Thinking is a heart wrenching book, she discusses her two big losses. She lost her only child in unfortunate circumstances. And she lost her husband whilst they were having dinner at home, he suffered a heart attack and died. She discusses her journey of letting go of the ideas she had about life, marriage and children. It is such an eye opening book, and great book if you are going through any sort of heart ache.

Nell Dunns talking to women was a book from 1964, it was written after she had spoken to 9 of her female friend over a bottle of wine. Where they discussed men, love, lust, self-worth, motherhood, dreams for the future, artistic expression. This book is still so relevant in this day in age, it is a funny, honest and filled with sparkle that any group of girlfriends share when they gather together over a glass of wine. It is written in a unstructured kind of way, which gives it a natural flow. Plus it makes you almost feel like a fly on the wall of a girly night in.

This is a fab little book packed with a collection of essays from several women in different industries talking about all sorts of topics that affect women in their life time. Its such a great read. I love that you can pick it up and read an essay at a time. It is the perfect book to take away with you on holiday or a quick little read before bed or during a commute.

Mrs Michelle Obama, making us all feel like we have unachieved at this point of our lives, If you want a good kick up the behind, this is a fabulous read filled with anecdotes and wisdom. It was so interesting to hear more about Mrs Obama, and the life she has lived so far. We can all take away some pearls of wisdom from the glorious read.

Dolly Alderton’s book has me laughing and crying and back laughing again. This is a collection of Dolly Alderton the journalist and former Sunday Times dating columnist discussing her life up to now. She shares stories of love, getting drunk, getting dumped, self sabotage, job hunting, and all in the other fun stuff of the 20 something year old. Some parts had me howling with laughter, and some had a somber message attached to it. I think Dolly and I are similar age so many of the funny stories she writes about (such as MSN), ah the good old days. It’s a funny look back at what feels like many of my own youthful experiences but at the same time she manages to remind you of the feeling about what comes after the fun, and maybe it wasn’t as fun as you thought!


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