New Year Resolutions For My Wardrobe In 2019

I know there is a lot of new year new me type off posts, so I thought I would mix up a little bit and talk about my new year resolutions for my wardrobe this year.

I did a bit (I say bit but I mean gigantic – why the hell was I clinging on to the denim mini skirts that are more like belts or those boob tube one breast wont fit into anymore is beyond me) clear out and I saw a little bit of a pattern. I am a little old man, who occasionally peacocks and turns into a drag queen at night. I love an embellished jacket, and I have a lot of black items! Over on this nook of the internet you see a little bit of both sides of me. The casual and the peacock side of me. I want start showing you more of my everyday looks.

Dear Chiara, here are your resolutions for 2019 and your shopping habits. You are going to be a 30 year old woman soon and therefore you have more important things to spend on… like a new oven (not as fun but probably more practical than a dress with feather sleeves!)

  1. Don’t spend too much on clothes (full stop). After doing a clear out you can see the type of items you wear! Try not to impulse buy things just because you saw it on instagram, or there is a great discount!
  2. Invest in classic pieces, on things you know you will wear for more than one season! You do not need all the satin bias skirts from Topshop or all the snake print pieces!
  3. Not all trends work for you. Neon was cute when you were a party girl and 18 years old, but not now sweety, what the hell will you wear with that neon pink sweater!? Or those dad trainers that you won’t even allow your dad to wear. – To be fair I do not feed into trends all that much, so continue to do so.
  4. If you want something sit on it for a little bit. Make baskets and keep them aside and see if you think about those items for more than 24 hours. If you do not, then leave it in that basket.
  5. Do not be hard on yourself if you fail at this! Because you can always return it if you do not wear it immediately! – Yes Chiara, return it!!!!
  6. Re-wear my fun and special pieces more. Do not save your clothes of bags or shoes for a “special occasion”, because life is a “special occasion in itself”.
  7. Dig inside your wardrobe more often and give more love to the items you own instead of browsing the new in section on Net-A-Porter, or Matches (with that dame 90 mins delivery option) or Topshop, lets not forget ASOS).
  8. You don’t need anymore bags!! Okay I know it is not about need, but even if you want something sit on it for a little bit. No it bag is worth getting into a tizzy over. You do not want to be like Carrie Bradshaw with all the shoes(or bags) and no where to live! So think before you buy. Maybe get rid of a couple before you buy something else! Come on Chiara let go of things!
  9. Some clothes are sentimental , but not every item of clothes hold on to your memories. Cherish the memories in your mind, but that tiny tiny denim mini skirt or that dress you wore when you were 15 can go now!
  10. Invest in good quality jewellery this year. Do not constantly buy costume jewellery to fill a void, so wait a bit and invest. Diamonds are forever as they say!

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