The Multipurpose Dress To Get You Through The Whole Party Season

The dual purpose dress is a must have for any time of year, but during the party season it become invaluable.

Especially when you have forgotten about a Christmas or holiday party and you need to chuck something on or you already have it on, and all you need to do is make it party ready.

A multipurpose dress (a wrap dress)  something that we should all invest in, something that serves more than one need.
Sometimes you don’t want to buy a new dress just for the party season. I’m not in the market for buying a dress for one time wear. I would rather spend a little extra for something a little bit more substantial and also something not so restricted to only being pulled out during the festive season. This is wear the wrap dress comes into play. They are the most versatile dresses ever. Here are my 7 reasons why a wrap dress is a must:

  1. They are super flattering on everyone. People assets (hehehe pun intended) or if you are skinnier, it will give you curves in the right places.
  2. They are comfortable, you never have to worry about a food baby situation. 
  3. You are not restricted to wearing it as a party dress.
  4. You can dress it down with a leather jacket, or jumper and trainers.
  5. You can smarten it up with boots and a blazer.
  6. And you can make it a party look like I have done here with some sparkly shoes and a blazer draped over.
  7. You also can open up the dress and can style it like a blazer/kimono over a simple too and trousers for another look.

See I told you, you need one of these  in your wardrobe to get you through any event, not just this festive season.

complete the look with: 

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