Sunday Musings #1

If like me you can spend hours and hours on Pinterest and Tumblr (does anyone use theirs anymore?) for inspiration, not just for style, but for interiors or just for some general inspiration.

For me I love to browse around and see how someone has styled up a simple shirt or something statement. Sometimes I am looking to see how someone has styled a space. Sometimes I just feel uninspired by everything and I need a little boost. On those days I look t my wardrobe and cite the famous sentence “I have nothing to wear!” whilst looking at a wardrobe full of clothes, so I turn to these images to help give me a dose of inspo and a kick in the butt!  Sometimes for my little nook of the internet I can get not just writers block, but inspiration block (is that even a phrase?)  and I need to to be inspired. I am quite a visual person. Even throughout my Law degree I would make pretty notes full of colours and diagrams because that was the best way for me to work. Even with my to do lists, it has to be aesthetically pleasing, otherwise my brain cannot manage with the mess! I thought I would make my very on Tumblr/Pinterest board every so often on what images have been inspiring me. All these images have been sourced from those places and I have linked to my accounts below so you  can easily browse through my Pin Boards too!


Pictures are from Pinterest and I annotated them : Here is my Pinterest Account  & Tumblr Account so you can see where I get my inspirations from.











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