Get Carrie-d Away || The Shoulder Bag That Stole My Heart

Shoulder bags were a huge trend in the 90’s and early 2000’s. As a kid of that era I have a huge soft spot for this style of bag  and I am glad to see its having a moment again.

I was  getting tired the oversized bag trend, but as much as I love a mini bag I felt the need for a practical bag that did not turn into the graveyard for all my lip products (does anyone else find a million lip products in their bag? or is that just me? ) I am so happy to see that this bag trend is back. To be honest I used to wear my Fendi Baguettes regardless of it being trendy, it was the bag that ignited the bag lover in me.


The Fendi baguette stole My heart when I saw it all over the magazines in the 90’s and of course ms. Bradshaw too. I just adored that there was a baguette for every girl. Whether you were a sparkly girl, a simple girl, and edgy girl or a very sophisticated lady.

I always thought the Chanel classic stole my heart first, but then I soon realised I have always adored the baguette, it is just so versatile, it can be a little shoulder bag or an evening clutch. You can also add a shoulder strap and wear it cross-body. I feel like I have treated the baguettes like Pokémon and I have the mentality of “gotta catch them all… “

I know Fendi can be an expensive habit and I sure as hell don’t have that budget! So I have found that you can get some pretty affordable baguettes on the pre-loved market, which I have linked below. Of course that depends on the finish of the bag. But the high street has been putting out some fabulous shoulder bags!!!! I have linked some below and the latest bags that the Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been wearing! Grab yourself a pretty little shoulder bag for the party season, it will see you through any occasion, plus you can fit your phones in them without having to place Jenga!

Vintage Fendi:
The New It Shoulder Bag of the moment:
Some Fabulous Highstreet pieces:

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