The Winter Dress(es) You Need

Winter is fast approaching but that does not mean that the dresses need to be packed away. I have got some fabulous winter appropriate dresses for you to enjoy during the colder months.

This Dress – Ghost 

Styled with:

Over the last year or so I have found a new love for dresses, I would have never called myself a dress girl until recently. But they are the easiest thing to wear in my opinion. As much I love a jumpsuit we all know the issues we all face with those bad boys when we have to go potty, and there is nothing glamorous about stripping completely in a public toilet assuming a position you would only consider doing at a work out! That way dresses are perfectly comfortable, if you go out for meal you can enjoy yourself without unbuttoning anything (well that depends on the dress to be fair), but in the winter months when comfort and warmth is key, you want to get dressed in record speed before you turn into ice in the morning.

My idea of the perfect winter dress is the length, which is midi or mid-axi. Then I am getting back into the darker tonnes. I am also into embracing my girly side which gets hidden away when it gets cold if I am honest, but this little Ghost number is my ideal winter number. If you have been to my little nook of the internet you will know that I love Ghost, so I have done a little edit of my favourite dresses of the season from there. I have also done a cheeky little edit featuring more dresses from other brands to tickle all your winter dress needs.

Ghost Dresses:

Stine Goya:



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