2 Ways To Style Up Your Dresses During The Colder Months

Maxi dresses are normally associated with summer and the beach or a more dressy option for some occasions. But I’m not quite ready to let go of my dresses just yet! So I thought I share some tips on how to stay snug as the weather turns.

For me I love a midi/maxi dress. To be honest all these dresses are meant to be a midi dress on an average height human, but on my little frame it is that mid-axi length one me which I do enjoy. That way I can dress it up or down. I love wearing this style of dress for the day time, or evening drinks.

I love to wear a dress because that way I can be comfy and eat all the pasta I want, as it allows for a good old food baby!

This outfit:

Here are my 3 tips for being snug in a dress:
  1. Keep the feet warm! It’s not too cold right now but with the crisp air there is nothing worst than having not so happy feet. For me the key part of my body to always keep warm is my feet. I am having a re-visit to an old lover (my converse trainers from a million years ago) but you could always style your dresses up with any trainer you are lving, or a good old ankle boot!
  2. For me I need my arms to be nice and covered and warm, and that is key to styling up a dress around this time of year. I would always make sure to wear a knit over a dress. Especially a cardigan, because that way you get to show off the dress. Or if you want to smarten it up more throw on an oversized blazer.
  3. The rust and dark tones dresses are the key for autumnal dressing. To be honest I would wear what ever dress you feel like but these are my favourite for this time of year. I had shared with you an edit of all my favourite dresses that are around down below.
The dresses that I am loving:

This outfit:


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