My Thoughts On Deciding To Create My Nook of the Internet (the blog)

Why did I decide to start a blog? And so late in the game you may ask?

I have always wanted to start a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog for the last 5 years, and I even wrote posts and taken pictures, but I was too scared to ever press that publish button! I am not entirely sure why either. I am not a shy person or particularly embarrassed by much, except the obvious topics like poo talk! But, putting myself out there was a very daunting thing. I know that the blogging world has become super saturated but I think there is room for everyone, this is an industry full of like minded individuals and you just need to find your little area and I think there is a place for everyone.

Jeans – Topshop

Jumper Top – Dior
Bag & Strap – Dior

Shoes – Manolo Blahnik

There are also not many other Sri Lankan girls doing it and I wanted to always show that us Sri Lankan girls are just as fashion loving and beauty crazy as the rest of the world, and we are not just that stereo type of us just being our careers such as doctors, lawyers and accountants etc(which is a stereotype in itself), or all of us having arrange marriages and our parents are ridiculously strict and want us married off (this is meant in a light hearted manner of course, but if I had put a penny in jar for the the number of times I have been asked about arranged marriages, and why I am not married yet at 29 I would be a rich woman).

I am not to sure what changed within me (maybe I just  with age that I do not give a flying fudge what anyone thought), but I suddenly decided to start a blog last year and honestly it was the best thing that I have chosen to do for myself. Maybe it was a change of pace lifestyle wise, or I was home alone with my puppy a lot, or I was just struggling with some personal stuff that I wanted to distract myself with something fun and creative. As I am not talented in the art department so I decided to start this little project for myself, why the heck not!? Plus my father pushed me to do and gave me the confidence boost I needed, and  that is how Chiara’s Atelier was born.

I started my blog as a creative outlet, a little nook of the internet to share my love for fashion, beauty and puppies !!! I love to share my experiences with my audience too and I have really enjoyed creating content and making more content for you all to read more than just clothes. Yes this is a fashion and beauty based nook but I don’t think anyone of us are that one sized, we are all multifaceted humans with varied interests and life experiences. I want to share mine and maybe it can help you or anyone else you know. I have really enjoyed penning down more personal things and I wish to continue that as time goes on.

Another reason as I mentioned before I started it this little nook of the internet is because in the sea of bloggers I never saw anyone like myself. In a world where the key word seems to be “diversity” I don’t honestly see much of it. I am not skinny,I am on the shorter side and I am a little brown girl who does not have model looks and luscious hair, and that is okay. But what always attracted me to the blogging world was that it was “real” girls styling up outfits or discussing their current favourites. It was always nice to see a girl who looked more like me wearing something I was lusting over rather seeing a Victoria Secrets model and immediately feeling like a short lump. I also feel like despite the industry talking about diversity I do not see it, there is not a big representation of coloured girls in the fashion and beauty world and I just wanted to add my little sprinkle of brown girl magic on it.

I have always been fashion obsessed and I did feel judged for it in life, and sometimes in my academic world too. Just because you like handbags and shoes does not make you dumb or shallow or unintelligent. Some of the most intelligent people I have met have a killer pair of shoes (like Jessica Pearson in Suits). It is almost an armour  to deal with the world we live in. Style does not mean designer items, you can mix the very expensive and the high street to vintage. Remember style is not something that can be bought, it is something very personal and art you learn over time.

I see fashion and personal style as an art. Each bag or shoe or piece of clothing tells a story, and no two people will ever wear  the same item in the same way, everyone has their own personal touch to an item. My favourite thing is to people watch and see how everyone dresses, and stroll through Instagram and Pinterest to get some inspiration too.

I have always loved bags and shoes and clothes since I was a little girl from my Minnie Mouse handbags to my Barbie shoes, and I have been collecting things for many many years now, and I have even stolen things from my mothers wardrobe too(the 80’s outfits are amazing and the va va voom of the 80’s cannot be replicated!), I love the story behind each of the designs.

I also love that any piece of clothing in your wardrobe is a snapshot of a particular time in your life and holds memories(Marie Kondo would not approve of this at all – but all of my wardrobe SPARKS JOY!)

The message from my little nook of the internet as said by one of my idols is Iris Apfel, “life is grey and dull, so you might as well have a little fun when you dress”. Sure I love to shop and yes I like to invest in a good pair of shoes or a bag, but you do not have to go out and buy everything, you can recycle things from your wardrobe and make it work for the season ahead. I plan on showing you more of my golden oldies soon on the blog.


What have I learnt from starting a blog?

It is a lot harder than it looks! Everyone thinks you just get someone to snap a photo and that is it, but oh hell no it is nothing like that. It is a lot harder than you think, from the emails to creating content. You end up running a business which is something I never thought I would end u doing. But I have enjoyed this journey so far and I cannot wait to see where it takes me. 

Despite all its challenges, such as the algothritms and other obstacles, I have really enjoyed creating content and meeting new people throughout my time of being a content creator. I have even made some life long friends and that is an added bonus.

Would you start a blog? Or have you already? Please leave me a comment with the link to your blog I would love to have a peek!

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