What I Wish We Were Taught In School

With GCSE results and A levels results just being released and  I started reminiscing about when I was about to get my results, it still gives me the shivers thinking about how nervous I was to see the letters I desired/ needed for “life”. Things seems to have got even more competitive now which is is crazy and kind of scary considering how bad it was 10 years ago.

Things were crazy enough back then but now with A*s in a levels I am shocked. It got me thinking about school and education of course education is very important and apart from the academic side it teaches you social skills and rules and the importance of punctuality and things like that.
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But I have been out of school for 10 years (makes me feel so old despite still feeling like I’m 18 sometimes) and it got me thinking about that the things I wished they taught us in school.
1. Being taught to run a household (for girls and boys both):

I wish it taught us more about running a household. From managing your money, to running your household, bills and things like that because once I moved out it was a little bit of shock on how I had to do those things. Even basic things like cooking, sewing, and things you need to do around the house in general.  I had to learn things during my time at Uni, well after uni.

2. More than sex education:

Sure they taught us about sex d but they only taught us about how to have safe sex, and all the awful diseases you could get. Where things turn green and fall off… if you get my drift.  There was no talk about the mental implications and the pressures you could face as a young woman or man. No one spoke to you about the the basics, and no I am not talking about the mechanics of the deed. But the emotions you will be faced with, mixed with all those teenager hormones and the pressures of being a teen in general. It felt like it was a very unapproachable subject, where young girls and boys have to deal with all these thoughts on their own. Or worse, if they are in a bad situation young teenagers could find themselves in a very vulnerable position, where all the information they receive is from a person who might want to take advantage of their vulnerability.  From urges, to sexuality, to even thinking about having sex or any kind of sexual contact there needs to be a more open conversation. Where a young teenager could go an adult with no judgement to discuss their thoughts, without that lovely response a lot of us got when I was back at school … “DON’T HAVE SEX!!” I know that not everyone is comfortable talking to their parents so there should be an outlet for young teenagers to discuss these things without being scared. Plus it gives the child the power and strength and emotional support to deal with their thoughts and decisions.

3. Babies are not just for Christmas:

Talking about sexual eduction, everyone talks to you your whole life about how NOT to have a baby. But as you get old you are suddenly meant to get this overwhelming feeling, or urge to reproduce with no thought to it. From a generation where we were taught to calculate our every move, and think 5 steps ahead. The thought of throwing a baby  (not throwing, gently placing it in its overprices wicker  basket thing – I think it’s called a Moses basket okay enough about that) into the mix can seem like a daunting idea.

As adorable as the little chubby babies are, no one talks to you about the reality of having one. No one tells you about the harsh realities of being a parent. I’m not one to talk because I haven’t had to cross that bridge but it’s something I hear a lot about from my peers who are having these little bundles of joy. It is something that should be openly discussed more, from hormonal changes to how to take care of one, and you know what if you do not want one that is okay too. I see a lot of women getting shamed for not being mother and we are 2018. We should have been told that a baby is something you bring into the world (via, birthing on, surrogacy, adopting, fostering, going on the internet – I am kidding!!) after a lot of thought, and if you do not want one that is okay too!!

4. More than fractions:

My parents are amazing and I have seen them navigate through all this and they have been very open about money and how to deal with it, but I think there are things that school could have covered too. The financial side of things should be a huge part of our school career. I did maths and advance maths at that, I got good grades and I really enjoyed the subject. I’m yet to use the Pythagorus theorem in my day to day life as of yet. We should have been taught things like tax, debts, how to get loans and mortgages. We should have more lessons on how to manage your money. How to save, invest and make plans. Instead we have all been thrown in the deep end, and we are running around like headless chickens, making sure we swim and don’t drop to the bottom of the ocean like the famous necklace from the titanic.

5. How to plan our futures together:

Teach us how to apply for things like mortgages and what we need to move on in life and how to plan your future. Basic banking is something that should have been taught to every school leaver. Instead of there only being a massive focus on what University you are off too, there should be just as much focus on that too. Because let’s face it, that is way more important in the long run than saying which Uni you went to, because the Bank does not care about that! We should be taught the basics of insurance, life, home, etc. We should also be taught about things like pensions and how to plan for retirement, whether you work for a huge company or you are self employed. These are things we are left in the dark about until you get to my age and you then start thinking a lot about your future.

6. We should all be legal eagles:

Another things that would have been helpful would have been our legal rights. Things like employment law and property law, the basics is something that everyone should have been taught in school. I’m lucky enough that I studied law but I never ever worked in those areas so even my knowledge is rusty at best. But these type of things would make sure that no one would be ever left in the lurch or taken advantage of in an Work place or in a property transaction or even as a tenant – because we all know that every Landlord and tenant relationship is just as messed up as you and your ex!

7. More than the magic circle of careers:

Careers, is something we should have been told about. Sure we are constantly asked about what we wanted to be, but let’s be honest the only career paths that were discussed in full was medicine, law, dentistry, banker, or some sort of city job. Not everyone is academic and that is fine, just because someone get 100 in maths does not make them smart or 100 in chemistry, school was just a spoon feeding exercise that depended on how you did in exams, and we all know the fear of exams! You either sink or swim!

There was no mention of creative careers, or the media, art or business owners. We should have been taught about being self employed and self sufficient is another thing that school leaver should have been taught about, and all the money related things such as tax and invoices etc. Because not everyone wants to work for someone else, and not everyone realises that at a young age and then heads to university to study business. So I think it should be an option that is spoken about a lot more. Plus not everyone wants to be a doctor( have you read This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kaye – spoiler her quits being a doctor and talks very openly about the life of one and that it is not all as glamorous as it sounds) , or a lawyer or an accountant. So people need to discuss more career paths – and not see the younger generation as competition but as the next life line to keep everything going!

8. Your health

I think that something that was not stressed upon us enough in school was our health. Sure we did PE, but I managed to wrangle my way out of exerting myself during that class to go either gossip with my besties or flirt with my high school boyfriend (instagram and facebook was not born then – and we had to gossip/flirt face to face – the good old days if you ask me, more on that later) . I think it should have been something that was not always based on the fastest or the strongest kid in class, but as a fun activity. I was not a competitive person when it came to sports, and my attitude was that someone had to win and someone had to lose. I know a lot of people do not feel the same way – I have a group of grow ass people fighting over Monopoly deal! But as I was saying in school if you weren’t the best at sport it almost knocked your confidence and you then don’t have positive attitude about exercise. In my 20’s I had to build a relationship with exercise and I wish it was something that was instilled in me like some of my friends who were swimmers or runners. Another thing is mental health, as a teenager in a super competitive world we were always stressed and it seems like nothing has changed. I wish we had some sort of outlet for us to just be kids, and not too stressed out. For us to work through the stress and talk bout it. It almost seemed like a weakness to say that you were not okay. I know everyone talks about anxiety and depression, but those are things a lot of teenagers deal with in silence for many reasons. I wish it was just spoken about more in a less judgmental way in school when it came to our health over all.

What lessons do you think we should have been taught in school? Do you think things have changed in the education system? What would you like to see be changed in the schooling system? 


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