The 90’s Baby

I was a kid of the 90s and early 2000s and yes I did get to enjoy the fun trends like the fluffy bags and the crop tops. Let’s not forget friendship bracelets and the tamagotchis. Noisy shell bracelets and the game boy bings.

I was young and not able to enjoy all the trends it’s kind of fun exploring them now. From the sporty spice vibes, to the spice girl-esque flatforms. From the mini bags and the midi length dresses, oh and lets not forget the denim mini skirt or as I like to refer to my “vintage” collection of them as “denim belts“. There is also a big come back of the blue eyeshadow look, which I haven’t still got the guts to do that again because if the PTSD from wearing it in my teens and not in a good way.


Here are 3 things I’m enjoying now that the 90’s are back:
1. Ghost dresses
I was too young to wear any of their gorgeous dresses and not only do ghost do fabulous slip and slinky numbers but they do the perfect tea dress too! Everyone loves Réalisation Par (myself included) but with the online only process it makes it a little tricky. Whilst ghost is a lot easier to get your hands on.
The dresses:

2. The Dior saddle bag
I loved this Bag when It came out back in the day, i remember the pink trigger print one and I was obsessed with it! But never got it but honestly I did not see this beauty coming Bag around with its unique shape and the typical 90s strap! You must know the big revival of the classic Dior saddle bag now if you don’t know anything about it – you must have been living under a rock! I have a few of the vintage ones and I love them immensely because they are an actual snap shot of 90s fashion. But I did cave and had to get myself one from the new season! Look at it – she is so cute and tiny – keep an eye out I will do some videos soon.
If you do not want to buy a new one which is quite pricey why not opt for a gorgeous vintage one – I have linked to one that is gorgeous and a the mini version from the 90’s – go on have a peek!
I am on the hunt for more vintage 90s bags – which ones should I get?
Vintage saddle:

3. Strappy sandal
When I was in my early teens and when I was getting into heels and wearing them out I remember actually owning a pair just like these actually – but in black. I came across this brand of shoes very recently and I’m obsessed, they are perfectly minimal and I have to add comfy because I’m not going to suffer for fashion anymore! Side note these shoes are called the Carrie slingback, now if that is not a sign I do not what is! Who doesn’t need a pair of shoes who is named after one of the 90’s biggest style icons (okay, she was a fictional character sure – but that does not make her any less fashionable).
The Carrie shoe:

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