Shell Yeah

With no seashore insight (unless you live by the beach) this holiday piece of jewellery has hit everyone like a big wave. Forcing everyone to ride that wave. Okay enough puns and lame jokes. But, look at this stuff isn’t it neat… okay I promise I will stop now! More on the treasures from under the sea. 

This summer looks like Ariel’s cave of treasures has been opened up and everyone has gone in and taken all her treasures and brought them back to shore and has been adorned on everyones bodies ever since. Everyone has been wearing the seaside treasures from the beach to out on the town. It’s a fun piece of jewellery to add to your already existing arm stack, or necklace party! It adds that effortless cool girl vibe, you know those fabulously cool surfer girl vibes without having to go to the beach, get all sandy and thrown around in the sea.

I have been obsessed with this trend and I have been enjoying so much and I feel like I won’t be going away just yet.


Here is my edit of all things shells that you need to adorn yourself with from earrings, to necklaces to bracelets and more.






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