Layering Up The Inspiration

As much as I enjoy summer dressing, nothing excites me more than autumnal dressing. All the layers, the knits, the muted tones. 

I thought I would lay out what I want I would like my transitional wardrobe to look like. After having a wardrobe clear out I have have come to the Réalisation that I do own some great pieces that I feel like I don’t need to repurchase but I just need to pull them out and rewear them.

I find that the purpose of these style of posts is not to make you want to shop your little hearts out (don’t get me wrong, I have a bunch of basket curated waiting to be bought) but to inspire you to wear those pieces you already own. Going through my own wardrobe during my clear out made me see a bit of a pattern of all the things I wear the most and I need to be a little be more conscious and thoughtful about my purchases and not make impulse purchases! Unless it’s great white tee!

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