Just like that I’m 29, and I honestly can say that I cannot believe I’m in the last year of my 20’s, I still feel 19 sometimes. It’s my last year in my 20’s and all I can say is, this year has been pretty awesome! Sure there have been a bunch of shitty things, for a lack of a more lady like way to put it. But overall I can say I’m a happy bunny.

I also realised it’s been 10 years since I left high school and my life was not what I imagined it would be. Let’s call it my teenagers version of a “life plan”. So I thought this year I would write a little note to my younger self, to be exact my 19 year old self who was off to university.

Dear Chiara,

Welcome to the rest of your life, at 19 you think you know it all and your mature and an adult. But little girl calm down and enjoy the ride for the next 10 years that will give you quite the wake up call. Here are some lessons I want you to prepare yourself for.

Going to university will be a scary and exciting venture, it will be the first time you leave home and move out of the family home to move to a city where you don’t know anyone and you have to make a new bunch of friends. Don’t be scared, it will be amazing and you will learn a lot about yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to work, it will always get done. So stop panicking and procrastinating (by watching puppy videos on YouTube – nothing has changed if I am honest) and get on with it.

Please be kind to everyone! Wash out that razor sharp tongue of yours and think before you speak. Don’t be mean to be mean and think it’s funny with your one liners. You never know what someone else is going through so still be kind!

Saying that, don’t be a push over and let anyone be horrible to you in life or at work. Be assertive. Stand your ground and don’t let anyone be mean to you.

Girl, take a deep breathe if something is annoying you, don’t react straight away and I promise nothing is ever as bad as it originally seems. Promise! Look at it as the glass is half full. Spread the good vibes!

Another thing is to be a good friend, and appreciate the good eggs you have around you. They will still be around for the hard times ahead and the even better times too. Also be open to meeting new people and creating new and meaningful bonds.

You might be in love and young but in your 20’s You will also go through heart break, the kind that feels like your heart is broken into a million pieces and the sun won’t shine again. The kind that makes you feel like life is cruel and things are always going to be covered in with a gloomy cloud over you. And you will feel hurt and sad for a while but that’s okay. You will get through it. You will show to yourself what a strong, independent, focused and loved and loving person you are. Despite being in a long term relationship most of young adult life you will learn to be on your own and to love being you without being attached to someone else. You will learn to be Chiara without the plus one, and trust me it’s worth the heart ache because it’s awesome to be a whole human on your own. Knowing your identity and being content without depending on someone to make you happy.

So get ready for the dating world, it’s a mess! But that’s okay don’t focus on the wrong people so you will be fine.

Another heart breaking reality is no one lives forever, so be kind and loving to everyone around you. Enjoy them whilst they are here with you. Don’t hold grudges, don’t judge people. Just love them, you don’t have to always agree with them but just be there.

Love your little Anguru the lab because he is gorgeous and an absolute babe, be prepared for the he fact he will go back to Sri Lanka and you both will have to do long distance. But also be prepared for the heart ache of having an older pup. Also get excited for all the new fur babies that come into your life too. Like your little fluff butt hamsters in uni, Lottie & Bella. Then little Rambo the pup and let’s not forget your very own fur baby, Chloe!

Talking about the good eggs in my life, my girl friends will shine through the most! Appreciate them, they will get you through some rough times with no judgement just love and concern. They will be the sisters you never have, from the oldest friends to the newer friendships. Please don’t ever take them for granted because they are the only things keeping you sane at times (girls you know who you are).

Another lesson you will learn is about your parents, one thing is … they are mostly right! Not always, choosing my words wisely here. Something you will realize as you get older is, so does your parents. Which is a terrifying thing! You will start to see them in a different light, with illnesses or problems in life. Your relationship with them will change too as you get older and it’s great – sure it’ll have your struggles. But make sure to make memories with them, spend time with them and have fun!

Now another thing you need to be prepared for is the changes in your body, so be kind to yourself you skinny Minnie. Don’t be so critical and mean about your body. Sure it changes but be kind – and also don’t take for granted that you can eat a bunch of snacks and unhealthy things and you still are that small because let me tell you that magical power doesn’t last forever! But saying that … if you want to eat cake, JUST EAT it! Life is too dame short to be only eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, FUN free stuff.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone, whether it’s about your body, or your life don’t do it – it serves no purpose. It only creates negative thoughts and who wants those bad vibes. Love yourself and create the path you want to take.

One thing that will need to be altered is your life plan. You wont be married at 26/27 with a baby coming at 29 (which is such a scary thought by the way now that I’m here!). Throw away that life plan – and enjoy the ride! It might not be what you planned but it’s better because you’re a whole little human! You will have a career, build new interests and you will start something new and exciting for yourself. You will meet new people and have new and different experiences to what you thought you would ever have – and trust me it’s better. It might not always seem like it is, but trust me!

Make sure to enjoy your travels and your experiences, capture them and cherish those memories! But also make sure that you’re present, enjoy that lobster pasta in Mykonos, enjoy the sunset in front of you. Don’t focus on that bloody phone.

This year (my last in my 20’s)grow in confidence, be more assertive, strive even harder for what you want. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t want to be in your life, let them go like a bad pair of combat pants from the 90’s!!! Hahahahaha enjoy the moment, roll with the punches! Be a kind human and eat that bloody cake and don’t be too hard on yourself (till tomorrow – when you will hit the gym).

Happy birthday you young brat! 



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