The Summer Wedding Guest

Wedding season is here, wedding invites are coming in fast and thick and that can only mean one thing. The wedding guest outfit panic!

With my old school friends getting married that means it’s a constant high school reunion, and I promise it’s not bad at all. I love seeing them all. Sure there are the awkward run ins but the majority is all good. Of course the aunties love keep reminding me that I’m not married yet, not that I needed to be reminded because I’m aware of the fact that I haven’t signed a legal document that binds me to another human for all of eternity!

Weddings are a long affair so you need to be comfortable. When it is a summer wedding, or a wedding by the sea side or somewhere tropical you need to be comfortable cool. You do not want to be wearing very heavy fabrics, and you want something breezy, if you get my drift.  This is why this little number from Zimmerman is perfect, because of the light materials and the colours it is perfect for this time of year all the way into autumn. It is a dress you can style in many way, with a blazer of it if if its chilly.

I keep saying comfortable because I have made the mistake of thinking about just looks and it was the worst experience ever, so learn from my mistakes! Be comfy that’s with the outfit and shoes etc, but of course with the perfect amount of pea-cocking. Let’s be honest, it’s a circus usually with random run ins, awkward catch ups and meeting ex’s, therefore get into something fabulous that you feel a million bucks in. Whether it is a dress, a jumpsuit or the unconventional suit, I have got a fabulous edit to get you all ready for the big day ahead that will turn everyones head.

As much as I adore a high heel I want to be comfortable, weddings can go on all day. Until the champagne coat of confidence or pain management kicks in you need your shoes to be comfy, I came across these gorgeous ones on the high street and they are so comfy to walk around in, and of course dance in too!


Dress – Zimmerman

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – Chloe (Colour Sold Out but here is another one

The Shoe you all need, plus it comes in all the shades you need this season: 

My Favourite Brand At the Moment has the best Wedding Guest Outfits (Zimmerman some of them are on sale too!) : 

The High Street Dress Option:

The Suit: 

The Jumpsuit: 



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