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I wanted to show you what is new in my beauty cabinet, from new realeses to things that are just new in to my cabinet I wanted to share with you what they are and why I am loving them and if they are worth investing in.




Let me tell you a little about my skin, I have sensitive skin, I am not acne prone skin I get the occasional spot around my time of the month or if I have been unhealthy. I also have psoriasis, therefore I have to be very careful with body and skin care things and even hair care. I will do a post soon on all the psoriasis friendly products that work for me.

Now on to the new in bits, I love beauty products, more skin care than anything else. I love to research them, and finding the ones that will be okay for my sensitive skin. So I do take time and care into every item and I use them religiously before I recommend them to friends (you are my friends too), and I want to be honest about anything I recommend. I do not want to recommend anything to anyone to waste their money, I want to recommend the things that have worked for me.

This Verso Enzyme Peel is something everyone needs to try, I know the words enzyme peel sounds terrifying but I promise you it is not as scary as it sounds. When I think of a peel I think of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City and gosh I was always to nervous to use one. With the change of weather (I know us UK residents need to shut up about it) and all the changes it makes to your skin. As I mentioned before I find myself getting a little lazy with skin care in the summer so I want to use products that are quick and effective, because who wants to be sitting in doors when the sun is out to play. This product has  a mix of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Poly Hydroxy Acid, which organic acids that help cell cycle and it also helps with the production of collagen which gives your skin that bouncy youthful look (because who does not want to look young). It also contains Pomegranate enzymes which is an antioxidant, which has skin renewing and anti – inflammatory properties. What I love about this product is that you only need to leave it on your skin for around 1-3 mins making it super easy to use, it also gently exfoliates your skin which removes dead skin cells. Which leaves skin smooth and radiant, it also unclogs your pores which is a must with your skin getting super oily in this heat. It honestly rejuvenates  your skin, leaving it looking glowy and radiant.  You only need to use this product a couple of times a week and you see results from the first time you use it, I must warm you that you might feel a slight tingle it is not a horrid feeling. It feels like it is working. Please wear SPF on your face once you use this product because of its peel nature your skin needs that extra protection.

Another skin care product that I am obsessed with this is Dior Serum, it is honestly my favourite serum ever! I have never been so obsessed with a skin care item. It is essentially a vitamin C serum, it has more vitamin C than an orange apparently. It has an exfoliating effect thanks to the Murunga plum, which leaves the skin invigorated and gives it a gorgeous glow. It helps improve the texture of your skin because it helps exfoliate your skin to help reveal a glowy complexion. It is enriched with iris extract which is antioxidant boosting, it also energises your skin and it helps resist stress, fatigue, and jet lag.

Jo Malone Body & Hair Oil is a new release and it is glorious. This is their first hair and body oil and as always the scent is amazingly beautiful. What I love about this light weight oil is that it goes into your skin very easily which is perfect for the summer time. Even though it is light light it is very hydrating and you do not need to top up your skin unless you really have to. As I mentioned before I have psoriasis and this is does not aggravate it in anyway at all. With regards to it being a hair oil, I have very curly hair and thick hair so this is too light weight of a hair oil to use as my main hair oil after the shower. But it is a great hair oil to use when my hair is dry and to calm fly aways and also to hydrate the ends of my hair in between washes. It smells divine so it acts like a hair perfume too, which is a great bonus!

These all helps to reduce wrinkles, and re-plump the skin, it also helps improve the hydration of your skin as well as the texture of it.

The Vitamin B5 helps improve the skins repair when your skin is damage which at this of year it is getting quite a beating with the heat and the damage it causes. Therefore it hydrates and accelerates the stimulation of the collagen production which gives the skin that elasticity and firmness we all want. We al want to be youthful and healthy looking, and plump but only in our face.


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